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Being Sexy In Your 50s: How To Seduce with Confidence

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One of the greatest things about getting older is that you know yourself and what works for you and that’s hot. Sure, physical beauty is a key component when flirting but the dynamic of attractiveness involves the expression of our emotions and our underlying personality.

There is no magic formula for seduction and you don’t need to be a model: feeling confident about who you are is the first step to radiate genuine sex appeal. 

Too old to seduce? Think again

Midlife women shouldn’t feel scared of getting back in the game. For some years now, there’s been an increasing number of men who have expressed an interest and desire to have relationships with women of their age or even older. There seem to be several reasons for this: the male mentality has changed for which they appreciate psychological maturity and autonomy in a potential partner. They also look for a more equal relationship with a woman: they can reflect more easily with a partner of their own age who has lived a life full of experiences and can consciously and unconsciously share deeper thoughts and feelings.

According to Dr Adelia Lucattini, psychoanalyst and psychiatrist, expressing positivity as well as employing an upbeat attitude is critical in the art of seduction.

Today, 50-year-old women are physically fit and have an independent social life. Also, they may have relatively young children and as a result of this – she says -, they can convey the message that those women who love kids are also capable of loving a man.

If you think you may have lost contact with your seductiveness, here are some top tips from Dr Lucattini to reignite your sex appeal.

  1. Seductiveness is a psychological fact. If you feel good, you unconsciously project your own well-being into the other, thus becoming attractive in the eyes of others. If you are happy with yourself, happy for some goal achieved or for which you are working, this state of inner well-being becomes a “magnet” that attracts a potential partner in a natural way.
  2. Practising a sport, keeping fit, makes you feel confident and look better. People who exercise also radiate an image of health. Because health is beauty, a woman in good physical shape is instinctively attractive.
  3. Do not overlook your curves. For years the model of a very thin and a little androgynous woman reigned. A woman who knows how to enhance her femininity starting from the body, and through her curves, will certainly have some winning elements. On a psychological level, a curvy woman conveys a feeling of softness, welcoming. This is something that many have experienced from very early childhood in the relationship with the mother and may lead to more desire for physical contact.
  4. Have some interests. Cultivating hobbies is another element of seduction because if you can share this with a man who has the same interests it will lead to a stronger relationship. However, having a hobby will also give you the freedom and independence you need.
  5. Never neglect your own personal care. A well-groomed person is a seductive person. Change up your wardrobe, treat yourself to something you don’t normally wear but always wanted to try. Buy some new makeup, get your hair done.
  6. It is important to know that you can’t please everyone. Above all, it must be the woman who chooses who and how to be seductive and have a hold on the other.
  7. Look people in the eyes. The ability to look others in the eyes displays a certain confidence. It also allows for a better connection with others. Practice making eye contact with those you’re around. Acknowledge them. Looking them in the eyes shows you care.
  8. Being positive radiates positivity. There is nothing less seductive and less attractive than depression. This is critical for your personal well-being as well as for a good relationship with the opposite sex. If you need it, ask for help, face your issues without fear, shame, or embarrassment and then you will be ready to bloom again.
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