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The Six Steps To Self Confidence

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Midlife is the right time to unravel ourselves and embrace a new path but sometimes climbing out of that “grey hole” in the middle of life is difficult. If you feel you’re not naturally confident, you could be stuck forever dreaming; the person you want to be always beyond your reach. Starting your day off in the wrong way can affect your confidence on every level, and cause you to be unfocused and inconsistent.

But what if genuine confidence could be learned and practised? Even better, what if it could be learned using methods that exercise both brain and body, and that could be tailored to your unique life circumstances?

Professional wellbeing coach and hypnotherapist Danny Greeves has made self-confidence his mission.  His latest book ‘Six Steps to Self-Confidence’  is the sum of his journey, research, and one-on-one coaching. He’s developed a practical morning routine that anyone can use: by dedicating less than one hour of your day to his strategy, you will learn how to nurture and grow true self-confidence, improving your physical and mental wellbeing.

I absolutely practice what I teach – explains the author-. I struggled for years with low self-confidence, until one day I had an experience which showed me the power of my subconscious mind, and it catapulted me on my journey to discovering the secrets to lifelong, genuine confidence. I’ve condensed it all down into a six-step process, and it’s here for the taking.

His six-step morning system is designed to help you to create a set of powerful practices, methods, and resources to be able to regulate your own emotions and promise to help you continue growing. According to the coach, while meditation and exercising are top priorities, it’s the time you spend challenging the old beliefs that will set you free from the bondage of the past. In particular, investing a few minutes of your day on Journaling, focussing on what you are grateful for, might help you to dissolve stress and reconnect with the wonderful people and things you have in your life, as well as giving you time to reflect on your life.

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Writing down your goals also increases the chances you will achieve them. “The simple act of putting pen to paper – he writes on his book- keeps your goals fresh in your mind and helps you prioritise your time to be as productive as possible“.

However, it’s from learning something new you will gain new energy. There is a vast world of information out there and most of it is available for free and at your fingertips – he continues-. Investing your energy in learning and study will boost your mood, your performance, and your confidence“.

We need to believe in our worth and our abilities. Self-confidence is understanding that we are not perfect but we are good enough, and embracing who we are – faults and all.

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