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Top Costume Designer Tips For Everyday Style

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Have you ever dreamt of dressing like a character from your favourite film? Or even like a movie star? Well, you should know that most of those fabulous looks come from the magic touch of a costume designer.

The art of costume design reaches far beyond simply selecting an outfit. While costumes do refer to the way a character dresses, they are also responsible for relaying the story of that person’s joys, struggles and triumphs and present a look into the life they lead. It’s in the details. Their hairstyles, the colours they wear, their shoes, their jewellery: everything works together to paint a deeper picture of who they are and why they’re that way.

If you are thinking of renovating your wardrobe but in need of something different, it wouldn’t hurt to learn some of their creative tricks to add charm to any style.

Developing a personal sense of style

The key is to focus more on how clothes make you feel, rather than just how they make you look. Allowing yourself to experiment with different brands and silhouettes will help you find those pieces able to represent that side of you that you want to reveal. Above all, don’t be completely ruled by what is trendy.

You have to be curious and daring – explains Ginevra Polverelli, one of the top Italian costume designer, owner of the well established Sartoria and vintage clothing researcher-. Try something you haven’t tried before. Play with colours and styles, until you will find what you love. Do a bit of research, look through magazines and books. Second-hand shops and markets offer a lot of inspiration and with the help of a good seamstress, you can alter any item according to your needs. Look for good fabrics such as silk or Jersey and ring the changes with macro vintage pieces of jewellery.

Dressing as a Character

It may help think about your body type when dressing, but your look may depend on what you’re dressing for. It’s not just the case of looking good: think about what kind of adjectives you would want someone to use when describing you. Would it be chic, gorgeous, or traditional? Then, when you look at a new piece of clothing, do those adjectives come to mind? What would you like to communicate with your look? What’s the story you want to tell through clothes?

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Go vintage

Vintage clothing is a great way to embrace different styles and express your personality as well as a chance to invest in items you can keep and love forever. Not only will you minimize the risk of seeing somebody else wearing the same thing at a party, but you’ll be buying clothes that could possibly gain value over time.

However, shopping for vintage clothes takes a certain level of skill, an eye, and true patience that has to be learned over time. To ensure the clothes you buy are genuine then it is best to shop from reputable vintage dealers. Car boot sales and auction sites are also good. For online resources and inspirations, check out Farfetch and Vestiaire Collective as excellent luxury resellers. Asos Marketplace also has a new online network of vintage dealers, so anyone can shop for vintage from anywhere. Also ask members of your family if they have any treasures hidden in their wardrobes that they no longer want.

The right undergarments

Never underestimate the power of undergarments. Having the right size bra and underwear can change the way you feel in clothes more than you think. It will make your clothes fit better as well as affect your posture (think of Spanx shapewear, corsets and girdles) and how you walk, sit and breathe.

Confidence is key

The thing I’ve learned over the years is the happier you are with yourself and your clothes, the more confident you look – says Ginevra Polverelli-. Be happy with who you are, Celebrate your body and don’t forget that the best ever film to interpret is your own life.

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