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Eyeglasses: How To Find The Right Frames When Over 50

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Do glasses actually age us, or is it just society’s perception of people who wear them? Nevertheless, women over 50 who want to update their look with a new pair of specs keep finding it very challenging.

Most of the time we forget that rather than choosing frames that make us look younger we should opt for those ones which match our face’s shape, our skin tone and personality making us feel confident. Glasses are, in fact, an incredible opportunity to express our personal style, as well as enhance our features rather than obscuring them.

Let’s take for example Brooke Shields, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, and Demi Moore. They are all over 50 and are also considered the best amongst celebrities at sporting glasses effortlessly, even on the red carpet. Their secret? Finding the right size and colour.

They often switch from a pair of black-rimmed squared silhouettes to a pair of classic wayfarers. It’s easy to understand why: from bold denim jackets and stylish dresses to cropped jeans and chic blouses, both frames will go with any outfit in any colour.

But what if you can’t afford both of these classic frames? Whether you are short-sighted or in need of a new pair for reading, here are some choices for you to consider.

Finding The Right Pair 

The shape of your face is a big factor in choosing the right pair of specs. To put it simply, stylists often suggest the counterbalancing method: opting for a frame that is the opposite of your face shape.

For instance, if you want to balance a long face shape, you should try a slightly larger frame that has more of a structured square shape. In this way, the bigger proportion will help add width and balance to your face. In case you have a square face, instead, looking for frames with rounded edges to soften your look might be the winning choice.

In particular, according to stylists at Cohen Fashion Optical, if you aim to achieve a fresh look, you should opt for bold, thick eyeglass frames that can draw attention away from your nose to your eyes. On the other hand, cool eyeglasses with larger frames can also hide crow’s feet.

And what about the classic cat-eye glasses (or frames that subtly turn up at the edges)? They can have the effect of an instant eye lift (no Botox required!)

Women over 50 should go for translucent acetate frames, which have a more contemporary feel – they explain-. Or try ombre eyewear frames, in which a darker tone on top fades to a lighter tone on the bottom to draw attention away from under-eye circles“.

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Whatever your taste and the look you want to achieve, you can’t go wrong with the following classic style options.

Rimless Glasses

A rimless pair of glasses is ideal for those women over 50 who like to display a minimalist look. Because of its simple lines and design, it goes with any look and also compliments any skin tone and features because of its neutral colour. When you are in doubt, choosing this frame can ease all the stress that you are having: they help by not attracting attention to your eyes while making clothes and other accessories pop out and dazzling those around you.

Oversized Glasses

If you want to make a statement with your outfit, oversized frames like those ones Jennifer Lopez like wearing, are the best choice. Thanks to their versatility, not only these can accentuate features like a sharp jaw or a soft face, but they also give you a youthful appearance by placing focus on the eyes — not the signs of ageing that surround them.

Thick Rimmed Glasses

Using a bold frame when looking for glasses is a must-have if you want to stand out from the crowd. Red, oranges, browns and burgundies, are usually considered by stylists more youthful than blue, grey and steel frames, which can make you look older than you are. On the other hand, bold black frames are considered to give a modern touch to any occasion and are a popular choice among women with grey hair, as the colours combine perfectly to create a unique look. Of course, this style is for someone that is not afraid to appear interesting and daring.

Lenses for your visual needs

Above all, before buying your next frames, make time for a comprehensive eye exam and find out what your true visual needs are. These days there are plenty of options when it’s time to choose the right for you: you can count not only on single, anti-glare, bifocals and progressive lenses but also those that can assist your vision concentration when going from one screen to another, such as from your desktop to your cell phone. Bye bye coke bottle lenses!

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