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How to Dress Based On Your Aura Colour In Midlife

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If you’re familiar with aura colours, you’ll know that it can be less about personality traits and more of a reflection of what type of energy is around you at a certain time.

In midlife, your aura can be a combination of colours, some more dominant than others, and it’s something that can change according to your emotional state or life stage. Learning how to dress to match this energy field surrounding your body is a game changer: you can feel empowered to unlock hidden potential and bring out your most authentic self, feeling more balanced and at ease in your day-to-day life. It can also affect those around you, as the energy you feel can be projected onto others.

Everything on this planet emits an energy that can be perceived, and that goes for style as well. In my Guide to Styling Your Aura, I talk a lot about how and when to use certain colours in order to not only support yourself but also project the energy you want others to perceive – explains Aura Stylists Susanna Merrick, founder of Aura Wear NYC-. For example, red is an incredibly powerful colour that can not only improve our performance in sports (and in between the sheets) but also communicates a dominating presence, which is perfect during a high-profile meeting when you need to make an impression“.

By following a few simple steps, you can pick the right colour from your closet and level up your outfit in an effort for your clothes to be spiritually aligned with you.

How to discover your aura colour

If you’ve not recently seen someone who can photograph or read your aura, you might be wondering how to do a self-assessment. There are a few different methods you can do and the more you practise, the more in tune you will become. Some of the easiest methods include:

  • Find a mirror in a brightly lit room and look into it. Close your eyes for a few seconds, then open them slowly and you may see your aura colours flash around you.
  • Rub your hands together, slowly open them towards you and see if you can spot any colours between your palms.
  • There are also short quizzes you can try online.

The aura colours

According to many metaphysical practitioners, aura colours are caused by vibrations. Every atom and molecule in the universe translates itself into patterns. The patterns emanate from the body as vibrations, and the human eye can be trained to perceive these vibrations as colours.

Aura and style are in a cyclical relationship. Both influence each other and you can use both to support the other. By healing your style story and embracing looks that feel more authentic to you, your aura will be positively affected – says Aura Stylists Susanna Merrick, founder of Aura Wear NYCPractice creating a few non-negotiables in your morning routine when you get ready for the day. Perhaps this is putting on great pants, a lipstick colour you love, or styling your hair. These daily rituals help your aura feel supported and the new style choices will reflect that energy back to your energetic body. Once you start these practices it will be hard to stop because you’ll not only feel amazing, you’ll look fabulous too!

Ahead, you’ll find a list of the most seen aura colours, their meanings and ways you can use them to enhance your look according to stylists at Cath Kidson.

  • Red

Red energy is defined by sensuality. Those who have predominantly red auras are excellent at following their heart, creating goals for themselves, and manifesting their desires. Red can signify change, but it’s also about taking action.

Red energies can be complemented with a powerful feminine style, so don’t be afraid to go bold with your wardrobe. Think block colours and hints of leather.

It’s also good to remember that aura colours can be more nuanced than a single meaning. The appearance of red could point toward some turbulence in your life that is leaving you feeling imbalanced. In this case, you could try contrasting the red with calming colours such as greens and blues to help you feel more at peace.

  • Orange

An orange aura is heavily related to creative, outgoing energy. Orange energies are warm-hearted and expressive and often enjoy the company of others. It can also sometimes be a sign of an overactive mind, one that is seeking a creative outlet.

Go bold and playful with patterns and metallics. Orange hues evoke feelings of new experiences, so try adding a bright shoulder bag to carry cameras, notepads, etc. with enough room to bring back whatever you discover on your travels.

  • Yellow
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Yellow is the colour of charisma and, as you might expect, a sunny disposition. It is closely linked to feelings of identity and confidence, so its appearance is a good sign that you’re feeling empowered in yourself and your actions.

Yellow exudes optimism, so incorporating yellow into your style will help you to project these feelings onto those around you as well. Try adding pieces that convey powerful femininity, such as blazers and heels.

  • Green

Green is a healing aura colour. It’s a sign that you have a peaceful, nurturing nature that wishes to care for yourself, those around you, as well as the natural world.

When you have green in your aura, it may also signify a moment of transformation in your life for which you are using self-love to balance out your emotions. Modest tailored pieces are ideal for green auras – chic, yet comfortable. Earthy tones will help to reflect the same grounded feelings towards others.

  • Blue

The calmest of the colours – a blue aura tends to be associated with someone who is insightful and thoughtful. It’s also closely aligned with a free spirit; someone who is open and not afraid of being honest with their feelings. They may also tend to be up in the clouds.

Try adding oversized pieces and soft fabrics to your everyday styles. Flowy, basic cuts that prioritise comfort, such as culottes, midi skirts, or jeans, will match the calm energy perfectly. If you’re struggling to focus, bringing some green to your wardrobe may help you to feel more grounded.

  • Purple

Like blue, purple is another introspective aura colour. It’s closely associated with people who are sensitive and empathetic. Understanding others comes easily for those with strong purple or violet shades in their aura. They also tend to be dreamers with a strong sense of creativity and spirituality.

If you’re seeing shades of violet or lavender, you might be drawn to statement pieces with interesting shapes and patterns that satisfy your artistic side and add an ethereal quality.

  • Black

Shades of black or shadow in your aura show an air of mystery. While you could take advantage of the enigmatic glamour of dressing in black, it could also be a sign that you’re feeling guarded and cautious towards others.

To counteract the negative energy, you should try incorporating some or a combination of the other colours into your wardrobe. You may not be ready for bold outfits just yet, but healing colours, such as blue, green, and purple will put you more at ease. The energetic colours, on the other hand, may help to put a spring back into your step.

  • White

As an aura colour, white is more uncommon. If you do see a lot, it could be a sign of a busy or overwhelmed mind that is being held back by perfectionism – almost as if a fog has appeared around you to cloud your goals.

On the other hand, white can also be connected to spirituality and be a sign that you’re tuned into a higher purpose. Crisp, chic outfits that play with layers and textures will help to outwardly reflect the angelic qualities of a white aura.

What to do if there is a blend

Having a blend of colours appear in your aura is equally symbolic of busy energy. You’ve got a lot going on, and while these things can be good or bad, experiencing them all together is overwhelming.

The good news is that you can try out a multitude of colours in your wardrobe according to what projects and feeling you want to focus on. Some people may find that one or two aura colours consistently show up around them, but it’s important to remember that they will shift and change according to where you are in life.

Dressing according to your aura colour is not a list of rules to follow, but rather a way to help interpret your emotions as they align with your fashion choices. Some days you will feel like going all out with the energetic tones, others you may want to lean into the more subdued shades – and that’s okay too.

Style should be a combination of self-expression and self-love, so the most important thing is that when you dress, you feel like you’re wearing clothes that help you to feel comfortable and confident in yourself.


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