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Lifting The Veils Of Maya

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Midlife is often a time in which we start to question ourselves and the choices we made. Sometimes we are confused and we feel overwhelmed by circumstances. But what we see is only the result of our unique way to experience and interpret things around us. We see the world through our personal -blurred- lenses.

It would be interesting at this stage of life to re-evaluate the Vedic concept of the Veils of Maya. It states that we view life through a series of distorting veils that prevent us from seeing “actual reality”. Basically what we see is projections created by thought consciousness for experience: behind every decision we make are a myriad of unconscious thoughts which we are not even aware of typically. Piercing the veil refers to seeing or perceiving past this illusion to glimpse the transcendent truth. It means waking up.

Our individual perspectives are unique from one another and yet none of them are accurate of true reality. Since no people have the same background, no two people will look at the same experience in exactly the same way. But how can we get rid of all those layers that prevent us to reach the truth? How can we succeed in seeing things around us the way they really are? Our life is imprinted with different cultural values, limiting our potential. According to the Vedic concept, only by stepping back and analysing the influence of our culture, paying attention to our motives for various actions and learning how to put up with our personal ego we may get rid of these veils. By attempting to have a life of freedom combined with a love for people around us, one may get rid of these illusions and limitations.

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Some practices can help awaken awareness such as yoga, meditation, and deep relaxation. According to Masters, when we help the mind chatter stops, the veil of Maya lifts and it is seen that there is no individual separate self; only pure consciousness, whose true nature is joy, happiness, love. Most people have such glimpses every now and then, although as soon as it is recognised, the mind and ego usually jump in to claim the experience and it’s over.

I know, it’s quite a challenge. Normally in midlife, the majority of us are set in our own ways and it can be difficult for us to change. Thus taking time to reflect and realise is a good but also frightening thing! But at least becoming conscious of this and realising the life we live is distorted by our thoughts and perceptions, might help us to ignite a new dawn. And midlife is the right time for searching meaning and purpose.

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