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Why Hiding Your Age Does A Disservice To Us All | CrunchyTales

Stop Calling Women “Hormonal”

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We’ve all heard it, maybe even said it ourselves: “She’s just hormonal.” It’s a phrase tossed around like a deflated beach ball, meant to explain away a woman’s emotions, especially during our 50s and beyond. But here’s the truth – it’s time to retire this tired trope.

Why? Because “hormonal” dismisses the complexity of what women experience. It reduces a symphony of emotions and physical changes to a single, dismissive word. It implies that our feelings are irrational, fleeting outbursts with no basis in reality.

Let’s be clear: hormones do play a role. Perimenopause, the years leading up to menopause, can bring a rollercoaster of hormonal fluctuations. We might experience hot flashes that leave us feeling like we’ve stepped into a sauna, or night sweats that steal our sleep. Mood swings, irritability, and even anxiety can become unwelcome companions.

But here’s the key – these are just pieces of the puzzle. We’re not simply walking hormone factories. We’re women juggling careers, families, ageing parents, and our own health concerns. We’re navigating societal pressures and personal dreams. We’re dealing with loss, grief, and the ever-present awareness that time is marching on.

So, when a woman expresses strong emotions, simply chalk it up to “hormones” is a disservice to her lived experience. It minimizes the validity of her feelings and shuts down a conversation that could be incredibly important.Hormonal” might be a convenient shorthand, but it’s time to move beyond it. We deserve understanding, support, and a conversation that acknowledges the fullness of our experiences.

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From a young age, girls are taught to suppress their emotions, conform to societal expectations, and fit into narrow gender roles. This conditioning leads to a culture that devalues women’s feelings, dismisses their concerns, and reduces their experiences to mere hormonal fluctuations. This harmful stereotype not only perpetuates gender inequality but also erodes women’s credibility and agency in various aspects of their lives.

As women in our 50s and beyond, we have weathered the storms of life, shattered glass ceilings, and made significant contributions to our families, careers, and communities. Our journey has been marked by resilience, wisdom, and strength. Yet, despite our accomplishments and lived experiences, we are still subjected to the demeaning label of being “hormonal” whenever we express emotions or assert ourselves.

It’s time to reclaim our narratives, challenge the stereotypes that seek to diminish our voices and demand the respect and recognition we deserve. We are not defined by our hormones, but by the depth of our experiences, the breadth of our knowledge, and the power of our voices. Our emotions are valid and deserve to be acknowledged, heard, and respected, regardless of our age or hormonal fluctuations.

We are more than our hormones. We are women, evolving, adapting, and thriving. Give women the space to express themselves without judgment.

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