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Looking Tired? Try Kobido, The Natural Japanese Face-Lift

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Dating back over 500 years, Kobido has been a well-kept secret of Japanese royalty and geishas, and now you too can experience its rejuvenating effects. Using a unique combination of rhythmic massage techniques and gentle stretches, Kobido is well known for stimulating blood circulation and increasing lymphatic drainage, promoting natural detoxification and revitalization of the skin.

This ancient technique not only lifts sagging skin but also reduces the appearance of wrinkles, tightens facial muscles, and improves overall skin tone and texture.

Kobido is a naturally lifting, authentic and effective facial massage which tends to restore freshness to the face“, says Alice Faucheur, author of “Kobido: Le lifting Naturel Japonais” (French Edition only), owner of the luxury beauty institute, Faucher Paris. “It is a soft and natural alternative to other invasive methods which consists of waking up and plumping up the face starting from the naturalness of it. It is a facial massage that is practised with great rigour and during which each square centimetre of the face, from the jaws to the forehead, is solicited according to very precise gestures“.

The Ancient way of beauty

The origin of Kobido, better known as “the ancient way of beauty”, dates back to the fifteenth century, and the legend says it was a treatment reserved exclusively for the Imperial family and the noblest and wealthiest families in Japan. Initially considered a beauty ritual for Empresses and Geishas, it became a traditional art, just like Ikebana (the art of the bouquet) or the Tea ceremony.

It’s the oldest and most advanced form of facial available in Japan. This natural face-lift embraces a philosophy that considers beauty as a perfect balance of physical, emotional, and spiritual health and treatments. It includes no fewer than 48 techniques, focusing on special percussion-based treatment created by two of Japan’s most skilled Anma masters (Anma was a form of massage practised long before Shiatsu and Western massages developed) and passed on from master to disciple throughout the generations.

How does Kobido work?

More than just a facial massage, Kobido is both a Japanese skin care system and a lineage of the finest techniques and treatments. Kobido signature techniques are not easy to master, though. It takes a great deal of time and effort, but like any traditional art, the results of long training and practice are what set it aside from everything else.

The authentic Kobido massage is actually practised by very few facialists (check to find those fully licensed) today, one of the most respected therapists is Doctor Shogo Mochizuki, the successor to the 26th Master of the Kobido art form.

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In general, the technique consists of kneading, tingling, rubbing and gently stroking the skin of the face. Kobido signature’s massage kicks off by stimulating the energetic points of your face, and it finishes off with lymphatic draining to get rid of toxins. This technique lies in a mix of fast and slow hand movements to improve the deep circulation of the face, neck and upper chest part.

Most of the effectiveness of Kobido facial is due to special techniques but also to the organic formulas used during treatments which include hand-picked and selected ingredients sourced in Japan. Amongst them; the Imperial Green Tea (an extremely rich source of antioxidants), Rei Shi Mushroom (immune tonic), Red Kirin Ginseng (known to balance skin condition by decreasing stress and regulating hormone levels), Japanese Plum (clinically proven to tighten facial tissue with its very high levels of alkaline minerals) and Japanese Knotweed (which contains Resveratrol, an antioxidant that blocks inflammation of skin cells).

Is Kobido Japanese facelift really effective?

It takes approximately 60 minutes to smooth and plump the skin of the face with Kobido. By practising it regularly, one session every two to three weeks for at least ten sessions, then occasionally (once a month), Kobido massage might help us to improve the radiance of our skin, and our overall well-being and also get rid of those unpleasant (and so common in midlife) puffy eyes.

After a Kobido massage, the face is hydrated, toned and energized. The muscles are freed of all their tension and tightness. The massage leaves the face more open and luminous“, says experts at The Takumi Finch Institute.The volume of the face is redesigned, the skin is tightened, the cheekbones are plumped up, which gives a real impression of a natural face-lift“.

The Takeaway

Although it is appreciated worldwide for its aesthetic benefits, the objective of Kobido is above all to improve the overall health of the person. Its beauty and technicality make it an exceptional Japanese art, capable of re-energizing both the body and the mind.

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