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Never Too Old To Party: When The Evergroovers Strike Back

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Hitting a festival at the age of 50? Why not! Those ones who continue chasing the beat well into their golden years are more than you expected. They can’t imagine a life without their favourite music and don’t let anyone make them feel like they are not welcome on the dance floor.

Club culture, in general, is becoming more inclusive these days, even though it continues to fall short when it comes to welcoming older clubbers and DJs – especially those who are women, but according to a new data released last week by the global ticketing and event technology platform Eventbrite,  just over 2 million Brits aged 45 and beyond go clubbing at least once a week across the UK.

The ‘EverGroover’ Generation

Despite the fact that on average, adult Brits think 39 is the age you become too old to go out partying, Eventbrite spoke to more than 170 self-confessed EverGroovers who say nothing will stop them to do that (60%).

Indeed, two fifths (41%) of these seasoned partiers aged over 45 say they have more party stamina than people half their age – and a quarter (24%) claim they rave more in their 40s than they ever did when they were younger. This discerning crowd of true music lovers know how to get down and have a good time – and, according to them, love nothing more than revelling in their favourite music, whilst forging friendships and clubbing communities.

When asked about what motivates them to keep partying, 44% of this movement – who experienced many legendary eras of raving – claim it makes them feel young. Half (49%) of the hardcore EverGroover survey respondents revealed that they are much more confident in themselves when partying now compared to when they were in their 20s.

But could the EverGroovers be the last of the great party-goers?

The attitude of these seasoned partiers is strikingly different from those of younger generations. Research shows that the majority of 18 – 24-year-olds (62%) claim 40-plus partiers look “out of place” in nightclubs, and over half (54%) say they’d be “too embarrassed” to do it themselves when they hit that age.

As a result, Eventbrite has noticed the emergence of more day sessions, raves, club nights and festivals geared towards middle-aged revellers – many of which have been set up by entrepreneurial people with a passion for music and who have spotted a rising market for parties geared towards this unique subculture.

One man spearheading the trend is the original founder of Kiss FM, Gordon Mac, 59, who now runs Mi-Soul Radio, the radio station for the post-clubbing generation. Gordon says:

Brits in their 40s and 50s are part of the original party movement. We brought raves into the mainstream and kick-started the UK house scene. For me and a lot of my peers, we first started clubbing when we were 15 and 16 years old, so music and partying is part of our soul and a way of life – it’s something we’ll never give up on, no matter what our age. Our listeners were all big fans of Kiss FM back in the 80s and today still crave the house and soul beats of yesterday, but with a modern twist. Through the events that we promote online and on-air on MiSoul Radio, I meet people all the time who have rediscovered their love for partying now they’re older. Lots of them are out clubbing with their kids and connecting with a whole new network of similar people with the same outlook on going out. It’s amazing to see people in their 40s, 50s and 60s living very differently today compared with our parents’ generation and with even more events for our generation than ever before, we’re certainly not giving up any time soon.

Paul McCrudden, head of marketing at Eventbrite, UK and Ireland, added:

It’s clear that this is a very active community who reject the common misconception that partying is just for the young – for them, the older they get, the younger they feel. When we spoke to 45+ ravers about why they love to party so much, an overwhelming amount (58%) said they had made lots of new friends on the party scene too, which shows it’s as much about building relationships with like-minded people, as it is about going to live events, letting loose and having a good time.

How To Party Like An Evergroover

Feeling like you are too old to chase the beat? Here are some tips to make you feel a Dancing Queen again!

Throw your phone away

Okay, maybe not literally – but try and remember that the night is fleeting so you should soak it all in while you can – your mobile will always be waiting for you when it’s over.

Bring flat shoes for those aching feet

Dancing in heels or uncomfy shoes is going to seriously hinder your partying stamina. Grab a pair of foldable flats that you can change into halfway through the night. The best thing? They can fit into the smallest of bags!

Find your perfect clubbing companion

There’s nothing worse than partying with people who are on a totally different wavelength to you. They may be your best friend, but if they like heavy metal and you like acid house, it’s probably not going to be the best night! Find your tribe and book in regular dates to get your groove on.

Dance like nobody’s watching and be your best self

Live your best life when you’re out partying – it’s a time to let loose and dance all your stress away. But remember, these days you’re never too far from a smartphone camera so make sure you presenting yourself in a way you won’t regret in the morning!

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Don’t burn out too quickly

A true EverGroover knows that pace is key for a great night out. Maintain a steady flow and take breaks now and again to simply sit back, soak up the atmosphere and indulge in some people-watching.

Keep an open mind and show love

When the clubbing scene first took off, it was new to everyone – so having an open mind and a willingness to try new things was crucial. Try lots of different events and experiment with new music genres – who knows, you might discover a passion for garage and grime you never knew you had. Be kind to others too – you’re all there to have fun, so laugh with each other and don’t judge.

Don’t force the vibe

Whether you’ve had a bad week at work, feel stressed or simply just don’t feel like yourself – don’t force it. There’s nothing worse than being in a club when you’re not enjoying it. There will be plenty of other nights out, so get yourself to bed and come back twice as hard next time!

Stay hydrated

It’s true that hangovers get worse the older you get – staying hydrated helps stave them off (sort of…!) so grab a bottle of water and sip throughout the night. Plus, don’t forget that all important pint of H2O before bed.

Have a backup plan to get home

Clubbing and partying can take you all over the place – new towns, cities and even countries. Always make sure you plan your route home before you go out, that way you can help keep yourself and your friends safe.

Where To Party This Summer

Are you ready to let your hair down? Don’t miss these great festivals!

Northampton – Saturday 6th July

Cream Classic with Mauro Piccotto & Seb Fontaine

Get ready for another incredible night at Cream Classic! A guaranteed good time with all your club favourites – expect the best from trance and house legends Mauro Piccotto and Seb Fontaine. After their last huge sell out at The Arch, the pair are back to headline one of the biggest nights on the Cream calendar to tear the house down. Tickets available from £17

Crystal Palace- Saturday 31st August

Southport Weekender

Known as the world’s friendliest festival, this year Southport Festival organisers have relocated to Crystal Palace park to spread the love and play crowd-pleasing beats from three incredible decades of music. Celebrating the finest talent from genres such as house, soul, R&B, garage and disco – it’s an event by passionate music lovers for passionate music lovers – and with nine different stages to choose from, you can guarantee it will be an unmissable day-long party. Tickets available from £44

Croatia – Wednesday 24 July – Wednesday 31 July 

SuncéBeat Festival Croatia

This week-long carnivalesque festival is a boutique affair that attracts a crowd of like-minded souls who put the party ahead of pretension. Born in 2010 Suncebeat, continues to innovate and set the tone for forwarding thinking, progressive events on the beautiful Dalmatian coast. Expect an eclectic mix of music from legendary artists including The Brand New Heavies, Roy Ayres, Lonnie Liston Smith & Grammy Award Winner “Gregory Porter”. Tickets available  from £200

Leighton Buzzard – Saturday 7th September 

House Collective @ The Picture House

Legends of the game Seb Fontaine and Alex P bring Ibiza to Bedfordshire. A night oozing with old school house – expect laser shows and house anthems all night plus a wide selection of drinks and good vibes to keep you going into the early hours. Tickets available from £19

London, Royal Festival Pier – Saturday 11th August

Souled Up Summer Soul Boat

The Souled Up Summer Soul Boat For The Grown & Soulful Returns, On Board The Pride Of London On Sunday 11th August. Party-goers will cruise The Thames set to the sounds of an amazing line-up of DJs, Jigs (Mi Soul) Gordon Mac (Mi Soul) Mastermind (Mi Soul) Pete Andrew (Mi Soul ) Mike Stephens (Starpoint) Pete Mello & Victor Anderson Playing 70s 80s 90s 00s & New Soul. Tickets available from £21.91

Margate – Friday 2nd August – Sunday 4th August

Margate Soul Festival

The UK’s biggest summer jam IS BACK and takes place on Friday 2nd to Sunday the 4th of August, bringing together the finest international line up of DJ’s and Live Acts over three days with Incognito headlining.  It’s clubbing by the coast, spread over several venues and outside areas in Margate Old Town, Margate Harbour and the Winter Gardens. Tickets available from £27.50

Wigan – Saturday 13th July

Northern Soul & Motown

Bringing you the very best of Northern Soul and Motown – DJ Deano and crew will be bringing the house down from the opening beat to the last. Dance all night inside the classic and spacious Grand Vault floors with your mates by your side. Tickets available from £4

Blackpool – Saturday 13th July

Motown’s 60th Anniversary Soul Night Out!

Motown is 60! A birthday you won’t want to miss in the legendary Blackpool Tower Ballroom – relive the glory years of American soul with the biggest sounds of the 60s and 70s. Expect all your favourites from the biggest acts with DJs like Dave Evison and Keith Fletcher. Tickets available  from £10


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