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Why Hiding Your Age Does A Disservice To Us All | CrunchyTales

The Very First Sign Of Ageing

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The very first sign of ageing is not when you spot that grey hair on your head or those wrinkles around your eyes. The very first sign of ageing is when our body, like a car, starts not to work properly and we need to change some pieces or at least adjust things that don’t function anymore.

Sometimes we are too focused on maintaining the glow on our face or the tone of our muscles that we often forget that the way we look – especially at midlife– is strictly related to how healthy we are. And unfortunately, some women in their 50s start to experience some ‘technical difficulties’.

I met an old friend a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t help thinking how unfit and fatigue she looked compared to the wonderful good looking girl she used to be. “What happened to her?” was my first thought when I saw her. “I can’t believe she let her self go like that“. Then, I felt horrible when she revealed to me she was under medications. I suddenly realised I should have thought twice before judging her by her cover.

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We sometimes are so overexposed to the way media and society depict successful ageing, that we often forget to work on our own interpretation of how a certain age should look.

Mature age is a mix of caused effects, some good and some, well, not-so-good. However, in today’s youth-obsessed culture, more and more of us are afraid of ageing and associate ageing with losing beauty and even love and respect.

It’s important that we don’t let ourselves succumb to superficial ageing stresses – says psychiatrist and bestselling author Gail Saltz. Instead, reframe your traits as positives. Also, remind yourself that no one is going to love you less. The relationships that matter—the ones you put work into maintaining—will continue to thrive.

We are the age we are and we look the age we look and after 50 years of running, we have the right to stop the race and change the tyres. To run maybe faster. I’ll tell you, it doesn’t matter if you don’t look so cool anymore as long as you keep going.

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