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Wash And Wear Haircuts For Women Over 50 | CrunchyTales

Wash and Wear Haircuts for Women Over 50: Effortless Style in 2024

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Life after 50 is all about embracing confidence and finding styles that flatter your unique beauty. One area that can significantly impact your look is your hairstyle. But who says looking fabulous has to mean spending hours on styling? Wash and wear haircuts are the answer! These low-maintenance cuts offer an effortless style that looks polished and put-together, even on busy mornings.

Why Effortless Is Everything

There’s a certain liberation that comes with embracing an effortless hairstyle. Busy lives and changing hair textures typical of midlife often call for a shift in approach and a haircut that allows you to minimise styling time and maximise your badassiness.

All haircuts nowadays are bespoke. The idea is to invisibly slice through certain parts of the hair so that it falls naturally in a flattering shape“, says Gareth Bromell, international celebrity hairstylist. “For thinning hair”, he explains, “I cut in a blunt baseline with some face-framing layers, and for medium texture, I’ll chop into the ends to achieve more volume at the roots.

The Best Wash and Wear Haircuts

If you are hunting for something easy and breezy, take a look at some of the hottest trends and timeless classics we’ve selected for you. Designed to fit your life, not the other way around, they will allow you to embrace the effortless elegance that comes with knowing who you are and what you want.

The Classic Bob with a Modern Twist:

Wash and Wear Haircuts | CrunchyTales

The bob is a timeless haircut that never goes out of style. In 2024, stylists are giving it a modern update with a focus on soft textures and subtle layering creating the illusion of fuller, more voluminous hair. A layered bob is a popular option that adds an element of playfulness and beautifully frames the face: a more relaxed and effortless look that’s perfect for air-drying.

Whether you prefer a blunt bob at the chin or a slightly angled lob (long bob), this versatile cut can be adapted to flatter any face shape.

The Wavy Bob with Bangs for Added Volume:

The Wavy Bob with Bangs | CrunchyTales

If you have fine or thin hair, a wavy bob with bangs is a wash and wear dream. The combination of soft waves and textured bangs adds volume and movement to your hair, making it appear fuller and thicker. This style is universally flattering and requires minimal styling effort.

Simply scrunch some mousse or leave-in conditioner into damp hair and let it air dry for effortless, textured waves.

The Textured Pixie for a Bold and Edgy Look:

The Textured Pixie | CrunchyTales

The pixie cut is another fantastic option for women over 50 who want a wash and wear haircut with a touch of personality. A long journey to freedom of expression for women, it’s a hairstyle with a long history and a strong message. From Audrey Hepburn who rocked it on the iconic 1953 film Roman Holiday, to British supermodel Twiggy who pioneered her historic pixie cut in the 1960s, we’ve since had many celebrities adopt the look – Madonna in her 1993 tour The Girlie Show, Halle Berry in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day. Yet, these days this hairstyle has got an edgy look.

A textured pixie adds volume and movement to short hair, making it perfect for those with fine or thin hair.
The choppy layers also offer styling versatility, allowing you to play with different textures and shapes.

The Asymmetrical Bob for a Stylish Statement:

The Asymmetrical Bob | CrunchyTales

The asymmetrical bob is a great way to add a touch of edge to your look. This haircut features a longer side on one side and a shorter side on the other, creating a dynamic and stylish silhouette. The asymmetrical bob is surprisingly low-maintenance and can be easily air-dried with minimal styling.

A good example of an “in-between” hairstyle recently adopted by Helen Mirren who wore the mid-length cut with a deep side parting and flicked ends (on just one side).

The Feathered Shag for Effortless Texture:

The Feathered Shag | CrunchyTales

The shag haircut is making a comeback in 2024, and it’s perfect for women who want a wash and wear cut with natural texture and movement. Feathered layers throughout the hair create a voluminous and effortless look that air-dries beautifully.
This style is particularly flattering for those with round faces as it helps to elongate the face shape and is perfect for those ladies who are planning to let their hair down at a rock concert.

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The shag will be created by cutting the shape around the face first; typically a Bardot-style fringe with shape through the sides will be the starting point. They will then move on to the internal layers, leaving the length and you will gradually feel the weight being taken away throughout the haircut.

The Long Layered Cut for Versatility and Volume:

The Long Layered Cut | CrunchyTales

Don’t think wash and wear haircuts are limited to short styles! Long layered cuts are perfect for women who want to keep their length but still desire a low-maintenance style. Layers add volume and movement to long hair, making it look less weighed down and easier to manage.

This style can be easily air-dried and styled with a texturizing spray for added definition. keeping the length just below the shoulders allows for a degree of spring and bounce that takes the heaviness out of a traditional one-length hair style, making it appear fuller in the process. Depending on the client’s face shape, this type of haircut often comes with a full or butterfly fringe that blends softly into the sides, framing the face while giving the roots an imperceptible lift.

The Bixie Cut: The Pixie Meets the Bob

The Bixie Cut | CrunchyTales

The bixie haircut is the hottest hair trend of the season that everyone is talking about. It has been seen on both celebrities and regular people, making waves on and off the red carpet. This bold and stylish short hairstyle is predicted to become extremely popular, and it’s easy to understand why.

The bixie, or bob-pixie, is a hybrid haircut that combines elements of a micro bob and a pixie cut,’ explains Michele Antiga, signature colourist and stylist at Gielly Green. ‘It’s a short style – although longer than a conventional pixie – with lots of textured layers towards the crown and fringe.”

The bixie cut is perfect for women who want a wash and wear haircut with a modern and edgy feel. If you have very curly hair, don’t dismiss the idea of embracing this style. Viola Davis and Halle Berry have recently effortlessly rocked it on the red carpet.

Beyond the Cut: Tips for Maintaining Your Wash and Wear Style

  • Embrace Your Natural Texture: Don’t fight your hair’s natural texture. Work with it! Embrace your waves, curls, or straight strands and choose a haircut that complements your natural texture.
  • Invest in Quality Products: Using high-quality hair care products can make a big difference in the manageability and look of your air-dried hair. Look for products specifically designed for your hair type, such as leave-in conditioners for fine hair or curl creams for curly hair.
  • Less is More with Styling: When it comes to wash and wear styles, less is often more. Avoid using too much product, which can weigh down your hair and make it look greasy. A light mousse or leave-in conditioner is all you need to add definition and texture.
  • Diffuser is Your Friend: If you have curly or wavy hair, just gently hold your hair in the diffuser and gently scrunch the curls from the tips upwards. Move around your head, working on small sections at a time, spending a few seconds on each section, and gradually moving towards the roots.

Remember, as we get older, we gain wisdom, elegance, a feeling of peace, and a treasure trove of experience, all of which also come into play when it comes to our hair care knowledge. As time goes by, we grow a deeper insight into what suits our haircuts and hairstyles the most. These low-maintenance haircuts could be a fantastic source of inspiration!

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