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What Are The Details Of Your Life?

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The difference between something ordinary and something extraordinary is often a small detail. We also reveal ourselves most honestly and intimately in the smallest of interactions and the tiny incidents of daily routines. So why do many people dismiss small details? From the way you have breakfast in the morning to the way you read a newspaper or simply kiss your kids, details are all around us and our entire life is simply an accumulation of them. Paying attention to those little things it’s what makes a difference in our journey.

Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and died that distinguish one from another.” And that, of course, include women, too. However, some may argue it’s also important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture from time to time as it helps us understand where we are and where we would like to go.

I think both of them are important. According to Chris Denny, author of the bestseller ‘Improve Attention To Details‘: “people generally have a tendency for one or the others, but you will find that people who are more successful are both. Think about Steve Jobs. He was notoriously detail-oriented. Do you think he left the big picture out of things? No way, he changed the world because he was so visionary“.

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That may be an extreme example, but we can find inspiring detail-oriented people everywhere. And most of them are middle-aged. Why? Because that is the time when we pay more attention to those little things.

So I wonder, what are you giving your attention to at this moment? What’s your highest priority right now? Whether you want to accomplish new goals or simply update your look, make sure you to ask questions and inspect the people and places you encounter in your everyday life and beyond. The more you know, the better view of the world you have which adds valuable perspective to everything you do.

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