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Are You The Worst Enemy Of The New Midlife-Pride Movement?

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We can’t deny that sometimes we might be our own worst enemy: we are forever coming up with new and creative ways of messing things up in our life.  I’m not talking about that self-critical voice which might scupper our plans before we start but that one that makes us afraid of trying anything new (people, situations, places, behaviours) because we are afraid of changes. Yes, that voice might also sabotage the efforts of a group of people who are trying to re-brand midlife and make a difference.

I know I might be a bit controversial this time but let’s face it: how do you expect that society will change those usual stereotypes around midlife if you are not the first one to challenge them?

Unfortunately, you won’t make any difference by talking about menopause all the time (and how difficult it may be for you or Helen Mirren), the weight you put on last year or the last gin & tonic you sipped in your lounge sobbing in front of the latest Netflix drama. You won’t change those clichès because in that way you would only reinforce them and mostly because you are the first one who doesn’t want to change and look beyond. You simply prefer to conform to what your friend, the society and media expect you to think, read, buy, eat and do at this age.

Which age? Do you really think those wrinkles around your eyes or your muffin top define how old you are? I even wonder if it still makes sense talking about growing older or even writing for a specific age group? Let me explain: yes, I run a lifestyle magazine that is meant for women over 40 but it doesn’t take me too long to realise that the topics we write are sometimes the same ones a woman in her 30s would find interesting too. And that shouldn’t be surprising because we, modern middle-aged ladies, might love the same concerts, dresses, trips, restaurants a woman in her 30s would like. Sounds familiar?

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However, I wonder if you, yes those of you who keep talking about redefining the idea of middle age and how cool and strong midlife women are…YOU… Do you really want to make that change happen? Because you know, you won’t change that frumpy perspective on ageing joining an allegedly empowering whatever chit-chat group, you won’t change that idea on midlife giving the power to a stranger who is telling you how you should thrive in your 50s. You won’t change that perspective by keeping staring at that Instagram profile of a 50-something influencer telling you “look how cool I am.

Instead, you could join us and help change that old-fashion idea of how a middle-aged woman should be by keeping informed about what’s going on around you, daring to be different, taking action, learning new things, and ageing playfully while nurturing your inner child with new challenges. And then, you’ll probably change your approach to midlife by embracing a new, bold and refreshing narrative. might be a good option.

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