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What’s Inside Your Purse?

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Every woman’s bag is like a little jigsaw puzzle: a specific combination of items that reveal a whole lot about our personality. You can find pretty much anything in a lady’s purse: medicine, receipts, old brush, a huge book, broken powder. Sometimes, it’s amazing how such a huge number of things can fit into such a small accessory. What does yours say about you? Are you a planner, a minimalist or a spontaneous like me?

We can also have a glimpse of women’s personality looking at the style they choose. For instance, body language experts say those ones who prefer to carry hobos may be more free-spirited, while someone who opts for a clutch may have a mind for fashion. Basically, our bags are an extension of who we are and the style we choose sends out a conscious message about our outer personalities, stating “this is how I want you to see me”. However, our inner personalities, who we really are, are often hidden within purses and tend to reveal much more about what’s going on in our lives.

Well, I confess my purse it’s often a bit of a mess or a should say a creative mess. I don’t know why but the one thing I need to get out right away is always lost at the bottom of my bag. I think it’s time to clear it out in all senses. We are all carrying bags that we continually load up. We keep stuffing them full until one day, they can’t zip and the stuff starts spilling out all over the place. So, this time, while I’ll try to organise my purse (I found including a little zip-bag inside it with all those little items I want to reach easily like wallet, phone, gum and keys quite helpful), I will also consider this action as a way to purge my life from those invisible clutters that might obstruct the way: that invisible mental weight that I might accumulate day after day.

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I realise, whatever we drag around with us will only weigh us down and get in our journey through midlife. How are we supposed to navigate the second chapter of our life with such a heavy load on our shoulders? That heavy load will only put us off balance and it will cause us to stumble and fall.

It is said the only weight women should lose is the weight of other people’s expectations. This is the right time to make this quote a life change. Think about your bag as your own little cosmo, your life. Are you sure you want to fill it with things, regrets, stress? I wish this new year we’ll all be able to fill our purses with people, love, laughter and red lipsticks. A chance to make space for a new bright beginning.

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