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Why Diane Keaton Is The Ultimate Ageless Style Icon

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Are you familiar with the menocore look? If you are a fan of Dianne Keaton you should be. This style is all about comfort, body positivity and values. Menocore basics include long sweaters, drapey tops, flowing sleeves and cargo pocket pants in neutral colours, personalized with great accessories like funky jewellery, hats, scarves, glasses, boots, all well mixed together with a bit of irony and a carefree vibe.

The term, coined in July 2017 by fashion writer Harling Ross, who describes the look as “inspired by the aesthetic of a middle-aged lady on a low-key beach vacation“, perfectly represents a woman who is confident enough to prioritize her own comfort and often refers to Dianne Keaton and her style in the film “Something’s Gotta Give“.

Still at the top of her fashion game after more than five decades in the spotlight, the award-winning actress, producer, and director has cultivated a timeless and unique look proving that age is nothing more than a trivial matter especially when it comes down to style. 

Diane Keaton timeless style

As well as menocore, Keaton’s style has been described as many things – from dandy to tomboy – and yet no one can deny her unconventional, cool style. She started with an androgynous look from the 1977 film Annie Hall, where she sported a waistcoat and an oversized tie. This later became a recurring feature of her personal style that continues to inspire generations. 

Her wardrobe is a mix of classic pieces and quirky accents. Over the years, in particular, she has proven how to make monochrome exciting while evolving her personal style: we’ve seen her wearing berets and bowler hats, classic tortoiseshell glasses, maxy belts, turtle necks, baggy trousers, voluminous skirts, oversized suits as well as tailored button-downs with classy ‘nonchalance‘. 

Her devotion to neutrals grounds her outfits: you’ll rarely find her in anything other than black, white, beige, or grey. Though her colour palette has stayed minimal, her classic look remains fresh thanks to her love of dramatic details – says Christian Allaire, Vogue writer and author of the new book ‘The Power Of Style‘ (out April 27 from Annick Press)-. Her go-to pieces include extra-wide belts, high-waisted pants and full skirts, and of course, her dramatic chapeaus. These days, Keaton will often wear experimental labels such as Thom Browne and Comme des Garçons, favouring theatrical silhouettes that make up for her lack of colour. It takes a special style skill to make an all-camel suit pop, but Keaton does it effortlessly, thanks to her interesting layering and proportioning. 

How to master her eclectic look 

Diane Keaton is a master of effortlessly mixing men’s wear pieces into her wardrobe in a way that feels classic and edgy at the same time. Pulling together her cosy look, it’s not difficult: “Just have fun, smile and keep putting on lipstick“, she always recommends.

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Start playing with her key pieces: high necklines and shirts. Then, when wearing a shirt with an open neckline, add a choker. When wearing a blazer, have the collar up.

Next, if you’re after a more powerful look, slip into a pair of baggy trousers, or in case you are in the mood for something classic, pair a voluminous skirt. Then, finish with a long coat to pull everything together, and accessorize with gloves—no matter what the weather—topped by a bowler, a fedora, a trilby, or maybe a derby, and never forget a shawl-scarf. You can also add piles of pearls and heels with socks if you feel like exploring the bold way.

Reflecting on the importance of personal style, Dianne Keaton – who has recently become the ultimate influencer hitting the world of Instagram– said: “I think that all people should really dress for themselves, to figure out what they love. To really dress like their own interests, and not be afraid of it.” Thank you, Ms Keaton, once again you show us that fashion comes and goes, but personal style is forever.

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