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6 Free Motivational Apps To Boost Your Goals | CrunchyTales

6 Free Motivational Apps To Boost Your Goals

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We know it too well, adding healthy habits to our routines or sticking to our New Year resolutions was never easy and many have failed to try to solve these needs. Habits are usually built over weeks or months of repetition, and motivation is the challenge.

The thing is most of us are overwhelmed by our daily tasks and feel stuck, especially now when recession, coronavirus and shifting demographics are intensifying the pressures on gen-Xers, those ones who are part of the so-called  ‘sandwich generation’, supporting both children and parents.

So, how to get back on track? Downloading a motivational App might help you, the most important thing is to choose the right one for you. They all sound very promising, here are our favourites:

  • The Fabulous for iOS/Android Motivational App (free, subscription available)

If you were looking for a mobile app to make you feel better, develop healthy habits and add mindfulness to your life, then this one’s for you. Fabulous describes itself as a life coach and habit tracker. It focuses on building the right habits to improve your life. Just choose a goal (like being more energized throughout the day, losing weight, or sleeping better), and the Virtual Coach will tell you which habits you should adopt to meet those goals. Habits are introduced one a time. If you complete that challenge three times, you’ll get another habit to work on.

  • ThinkUp for iOS / Android Motivational App (free, subscription available)

It is a positive affirmations app to help reduce stress, build positivity, and overcome mental health challenges. You can create, record and listen to your own positive affirmations or choose from a list of pre-written ones. Mantras are organized into categories ranging from “mental health” to “good morning.” Listen to them for five minutes at least once a day, and you’ll be on your way to increased positivity.

  • Happifyfor iOS/Android Motivational App (free, subscription available)

Its science-based activities and games can help reduce stress, overcome negative thoughts, and build greater resilience by providing effective tools and programs to improve emotional well-being. It is built upon tracks that will teach you the skills needed to find happiness: from how to conquer negative thoughts to fuel your career success and 30+ more.

  • for iOS/Android Motivational App (free, subscription available)

It shows you your progress, celebrates your milestones, and answers your questions. You choose a goal (or goals) that you wish to complete, get better at or just do and the App allows you to check-in and keep track of your progress. You can also find a coach (with proven track records) who, through a text-based chat system within the app, will help motivate you and answer any questions you may have.

  • Done for iOS/Android Motivational App (free, subscription available)

It helps you create healthy routines by helping you set goals, tracking your progress multiple times a day, and then motivating you with streaks/chains, all in a simple, clean, colourful package. Use the graph to see when you’re successful and when you’re missing your goals. Stepping back to see the big picture and understanding when and why you’re hitting or missing a target can be a powerful motivator.

It’s the ultimate app for improving your mental and spiritual health, perfect for those seeking extra motivation and inspiration on their self-improvement journey. You’ll find a vast library of content from leading teachers and speakers worldwide, including renowned figures like Elizabeth Gilbert and Eckhart Tolle. With over 150,000 free tracks available, you can enjoy motivational talks, music, soundscapes, and meditations. Insight Timer also provides live events, challenges, and free daily motivational quote widgets.

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