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Born pretty? That’s a big fat lie

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Every day new movements choose social media as a virtual place in which they spread their protests worldwide. #EscapetheCorset is one of those. It’s happening in South Korea, where women started to post on Instagram smashed makeup palettes and crushed lipsticks, pictures of themselves with short haircuts or eyeglasses on instead of contact lenses: an unconventional way to rebel against the rigid beauty standards of their Country. A movement that reminds women of the past fighting to get rid of what used to be their daily underwear for years, constraining bodies into a uniform shape: the corset. South Korea is, in fact, one of the world’s most beauty-obsessed Countries where women spend up to $700 a month on makeup (and much more on plastic surgery) in order to reach unrealistic beauty standards. Ladies might spend hours in a beauty regime that takes a minimum of 12 steps such as cleansing, peeling, brushing their face. Meanwhile, in the West, women have started growing grey proudly. So, what’s going on around the World? It’s not just an expression of feminist contempt for personal vanity. It’s a way to cry out the right to be comfortable with ourselves, no matter how less glamorous we are. It’s a way to be more focused on things that matter. It doesn’t mean to turn out shabby or neglect ourselves. It means to embrace our authenticity. A word, I wish would be in our mantra for this approaching new year. #StayAuthentic #StayCrunchy #StayFoolish.

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