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Cut those roots, repot yourself

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For every woman who feels stuck in her current life, there is now an answer: repotting. Repotting a plant gives it space to grow. Repotting ourselves means leaving our familiar environments and walking into the unknown territory before mould gets us. CrunchyLadies know that in order to bloom again, they need to move into a new pot. Leave the old one behind you, if it’s feeling too tight and there isn’t a room for growth. Yes, it might seem terrifying and invigorating at the same time but you have to do it otherwise your zest will die, like a neglected plant. In The Return of Jonah Gray, a book by Heather Cochran, I read a very interesting statement: “the older we get, the more likely we are to have remained in the same place for some time. We stay because it’s secure. We know the boundaries and, inside of them, we feel safe. Our roots cling to the walls we have long known. But remaining inside can keep us from thriving. Indeed, without new experiences or ideas, we slowly grow more and more tightly bound, eventually turning into less vibrant versions of who we might have been”. Repotting means accepting that the way is forward, not back. It means realising that we won’t again fit into our old nest.
January is the right month to prepare yourself for a new springtime blooming. A good gardener would remove dead and diseased branches of a tree completely and would dig out perennial weeds. Plants are usually re-potted according to the size of their roots. Plants’ roots can sense its surroundings, including the size of the pot it is in, and increasing the pot size allows plant size to increase proportionally. Come on, it’s time to choose your next vase.

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