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Discovering A Brighter You With Lorraine Kelly

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She has been a fixture on British TV screens for 35 years and is beloved by thousands for her warmth and down-to-earth interviewing style. Whatever life throws at her, Lorraine Kelly always manages to keep that signature twinkle in her eye. Now, she’s ready to share her life lessons.

Her new book ‘Shine: Discover A Brighter You‘, is a practical guide on how to live every day to the fullest, especially at midlife.

Women often ask me how I manage to keep my energy, positivity, and enthusiasm up, day in, day out. To be honest – she says-. like all of us, I have my off days. I’ve suffered from anxiety and struggled with the menopause, but I’ve found ways to get my shine back. I want to share all of those experiences and the lessons I have learned with other women so that we can all make every day a little sunnier.

Uplifting, warm, and with beautiful hand-painted illustrations, ‘Shine’ is a self-help book told from the heart. Lorraine takes us on the journey to our best self with candid anecdotes from her own life, tips from the experts and practical exercises. From how to stay positive, confident and calm whatever life throws at you to how to get the best out of our relationships, family and work, also encouraging ladies to keep their body healthy and their look fresh, whatever their age.

I’m honestly having the best time of my life – she says-. Our culture prizes youth above all else but people don’t take enough time to think of the benefits of growing older. I feel happier in my own skin and more willing to cut myself a bit of slack and be kinder to myself. I don’t understand why we find it so easy to show kindness towards others but not towards ourselves.

Lorraine is not a fan of Botox or fillers, she likes her laughter lines. Of course, “it’s an individual choice whether or not to have work done – she writes-, but I wish we could all be a little more accepting of ourselves and the ageing process. Because it’s going to happen whether we like it or not”.

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Following a well-balanced diet, exercise and stick to a simple routine like exfoliating and doing a mini-facial every week are her little beauty secrets. For Lorraine, ageing shouldn’t be scary.

Forget a Chanel handbag: the best accessory a woman can have is inner confidence, which shines above all else – she writes-. I’ve known girls who can walk into a room and every pair of eyes is on them. They may not be the most traditionally beautiful women there, but they will have a unique quality – such as the ability to make people laugh – and that’s what makes them so attractive.

Born in the Gorbals area of Glasgow in 1959, Kelly never let a working-class background stop her from pursuing a career in television. Despite an ongoing feeling of imposter syndrome and being told by a senior media figure early on that her accent would prevent her from succeeding as a presenter, Kelly made it to the top of the TV industry, seemingly against the odds.

The release of her new book, last November, came at the end of a significant year for Kelly. To coincide with her 35th year in broadcasting and her 60th birthday, she was also awarded lifetime achievement honours at the Tric Awards and the TV Choice Awards.

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