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How To Choose The Right Swimsuit In Your 50s

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Everyone deserves to wear a swimsuit that makes them feel confident and comfortable. And just because you’re growing older, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to look for a modest full-coverage swimsuit, and certainly not a boring one.

When it comes to finding a good bathing suit, though, apart from style and colour, there are a few major things to consider before investing in a new wardrobe staple for the beach such as fit, quality, purpose and, of course, price.

Always make sure your swimwear is made from high-quality material. Whether blended with Lycra or by itself, polyester is still the leading fabric. Before buying the one you like, test the stretch and compression: it has to hold up to several washes and last more than just the current season as well as resist the application of suntan creams and oils. Also, when hunting for the right swimsuit, think about what you want to do in it. If you like spending more time swimming rather than tanning, look for a fabric with strong recovery that easily snaps back to its original shape and offers some resistance. If you’re likely to be running after your kids or grandchildren, you’ll probably want more coverage and support. Regarding the size, don’t panic if you have to buy a bigger one: swimsuits usually fit smaller than your usual standard.

Bathing suit style

There are so many bathing suit styles on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming to pick just one. As a role of thumb, eye-catching details like plunging necklines, hidden waist-cinchers, fun and flirty cutouts, as well as ruching and patterns, are always a smart solution for women who don’t have the body of Elle Macpherson.

  • One-Piece Suit
    Every woman should have it in her swimsuit collection. This is the right one if you’re looking for something that’s chic yet supportive and covering. A one-piece suit is great when you need to minimise your tummy but also in case you plan to spend your days lounging on the beach. Pair it with a colour-coordinated sarong, a chic caftan or even a lightweight cotton man’s shirt. To elongate your legs, opt for a high-cut bottom.
  • Tankini
    The tankini is a bathing suit combining a tank top. It’s perfect if you want coverage yet love the versatility of a two-piece. In fact, you can wear the top with whatever style of bottoms you find most comfortable. Look for a style with adjustable or removable straps that can be easily adapted to different body types.
  • Swim Dress
    They are comfortable, versatile, and fun to wear. Swim dresses are a great option for women who want to enjoy themselves on the beach without worrying about their figures. They provide more coverage than most types of women’s swimwear, which means more protection against the sun’s damaging rays. And if you prefer features such as adjustable straps, a built-in bra swim dress, or even removable straps, you’ll have the support and control to shape your body.
  • Bikini
    The great part about wearing a classic triangle bikini is that the mixing and matching opportunities are endless. Try pairing a standard blacktop with high-waisted, ruched, or printed bottoms. Want some extra lift without lots of structured padding? Look for double-lined tops which feature ruching in the middle or detail on top to help balance your hips. In case you have a larger bust, opt for adjustable straps and moulded cups.
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Just as important as choosing a swimsuit that is functional and comfortable is finding one that gives you confidence. Pick out cuts and colours that you love, try on everything in sight, and splurge a little on the bathing suit you know you’re meant to wear. Swimsuits can certainly get expensive, but since high-quality options will last you for years, consider them a long-term investment.

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