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More than just a Yoga retreat

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If you’re partial to a bit of yoga and it’s an integral part of your existence perhaps you might be interested in combining it with another activity and expanding your repertoire of talents? Most retreats mix this discipline with mindfulness, cooking lessons or healthy eating workshops. But as the whole idea of yoga and what it means has been evolving in recent years, there are some weird and wonderful workshops out there for those who are seeking both introspection and action at the same time: from Knitting Yoga to Laughter Yoga, including horse-riding or tango lessons. Choose your favourite combo.

Knitting Yoga – USA

If you have a creative streak and fancy a trip across the Pond to the US, then this retreat may be for you. Learn to knit traditional Latvian fingerless mitts whilst enjoying daily yoga sessions by the beach. Or how about spending time in the desert of Santa Fe where you’ll learn about working with lace and the art of colouring local yarns using exotic dyes? Once coloured, you’ll learn to make unique bags and totes. Improve your well-being here:

Tango & Yoga – ITALY

This week-long cooking and tango retreat in the heart of Italy looks great fun for the fiery passionate types. You’ll enjoy tango workshops miles from anywhere surrounded by the hills and beauty of the Sibillini mountains. There’s a pool and a magnificent kitchen and you’re sure to make new friends as you practice your new tango moves into the night. More info at

Zesty Yoga – UK

You’ll feel rejuvenated and thoroughly energised after this Zest Life retreat which sees yoga combined with wild swimming, paddle boarding and hiking. It’s based in the UK’s Lake District and Wales. There are opportunities to climb Mount Snowden, jog along coastal paths, and learn stand-up paddling. And how about the yoga and the exhilaration of wild swimming in some of Wales’ beauty spots? See for dates and details.

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Snow Yoga Adventures – UK

Soulshine yoga retreats are based in the UK and organise trips to fun places across the globe. The invigorating Snow yoga adventures in the French Alps are particularly appealing and include skiing and snowboarding in breath-taking scenery and hot tubs, log fires and hot chocolate in the evening. This holistic week will leave you feeling both relaxed and exhilarated. For 2019 events see

Laughter Yoga – UK

This one is a must as who doesn’t love a good laugh until your sides ache? It’s surely the best feeling in the world. And if you love it too, why not try a laughter and yoga retreat at The idea all began in a Mumbai park back in 1995 with just a handful of people. There are now thousands of laughter yoga clubs in more than 100 countries. The practice is based on the principle that laughing is good for your body. Using a combination of yoga breathing techniques and playful laughter exercises you’ll soon connect with your inner fun side and the initial awkward laughter soon becomes a deep genuine side-splitting guffaw.

Horse Riding & Yoga – SPAIN

This Andalusia-based retreat is for horse lovers and combines horse riding and yoga in a dazzlingly beautiful setting. You’ll see an Andalusia that few tourists ever set eyes on, up mountain trails, sunflower fields and valleys across ancient olive groves. The retreat can accommodate beginner and advanced riders with excursions taking place after morning yoga sessions. Conny Muennemann has been keeping her horses at the Suryalila Retreat Centre for more than 15 years and knows the area like the back of her hand. See for details.



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