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Tankini Inspiration: Why It’s The Ultimate Choice For Women Over 50

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In a world where beauty standards are constantly evolving, women over 50 are reclaiming their confidence and embracing their ageless elegance. Gone are the days when swimwear options for this age group were limited to one-piece bathing suits or frumpy cover-ups. 

Enter the tankini, a women’s two-piece swimsuit combining a top half styled like a tank top with a bikini bottom. A stylish and versatile option that offers the perfect balance between coverage and comfort. 

With its flattering silhouette and endless design possibilities, this new type of swimwear has become the go-to choice for women over 50 who want to showcase their timeless beauty.

What is the point of a tankini?

We owe the invention of tankinis to the late swimsuit designer Anne Cole who revolutionized swimwear, providing a cool and comfortable alternative to traditional swimsuits. Often designed with built-in bras or underwire support, unlike one-piece bathing suits, tankinis allow women to mix and match different tops and bottoms to create a customized look while minimizing the area they’d like to cover. 

The comfortable and flexible nature of tankinis also allows women over 50 to engage in various water activities without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions or feeling self-conscious. Whether swimming, playing beach volleyball, or simply lounging by the pool, we can all can enjoy our time in the sun without any distractions or insecurities.

That’s probably why many celebrities have opted for tankinis as a way to express their unique style. From Jennifer Aniston, who effortlessly combines classic designs with modern elements, creating a chic and sophisticated look, to Halle Berry who often chooses bold and vibrant prints that make a statement and accentuate her curves, including Catherine Zeta-Jones who usually goes for ruching details or strategic cutouts that flatter her figure, tankinis have become the ultimate choice for women in their prime and the first item to be packed when planning a holiday.

Tips for finding the perfect tankini

Finding the perfect one, however, sometimes can be a daunting task, but with a few tips and tricks, you can ensure that you find a style that flatters your body and suits your taste. 

Here are some ideas to help you navigate the world of tankini shopping:

  • Consider the coverage

The current tankini trend involves a top style that’s a bit longer on the torso, hitting right around the bottom of your ribs. But they also come in a range of coverage options, from crop tops to longer tunics, so consider how much coverage you feel comfortable with and choose a style that suits your preferences. 

If you’re unsure, opt for a mid-length tankini top that subtly covers the midsection while still allowing you to show off some skin and invest in eye-catching patterning or colour-blocked style models. These will draw attention to your entire figure and not just your tummy.

We love tummy control tankinis by Lands’ End with empire waist tops and loose fabric around the stomach that allows for maximum movement.

If you’re looking to slim your hips, then think closer to a swim dress and reach for a tankini top with a range of features like a longer length, a looser cut, and generous, flowing luxury fabric.

  • Pay attention to the neckline

The neckline of a tankini can greatly impact the overall look and feel of the swimwear. If you have a larger bust, opt for a tankini with a V-neck or halter neckline to provide support and enhance your assets. 

Halter necklines are popular because they help create a curvy silhouette that accentuates your shoulders and lengthens your neck. And it’s a versatile look that can go from modern to vintage style perfectly. Some tankini also comes with built-in cups and wider straps to help out anyone who could use some extra support up top.

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On the other hand, if you have a smaller bust, a tankini with ruffles or embellishments can create the illusion of volume. Another great option would bebandeau top as it draws all the attention to the shoulders and upper body.

  • Experiment with prints and patterns

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different prints and patterns when choosing a tankini. While solid colours can be timeless and easy to play with, designs which make a statement can add a playful touch to your swimwear. Whether you prefer florals, stripes, or abstract designs, there is a tankini print for everyone. Have you ever considered a reversible Tankini top? If you get bored of the look, simply flip it inside out for another colour/pattern.

  • Rotate the bottom style

The bottom style of a tankini is just as important as the top. Whether you prefer high-waisted bottoms, swim shorts, or swim skirts (that work just as well for the beach as it does for drinks at the bar thereafter), make sure to have fun by rotating these pieces to create endless possibilities to rock your style

  • Choose the right fabric 

Opt for tankinis made from high-quality fabrics that are resistant to fading, stretching, and chlorine damage. Look for materials such as nylon, spandex, or polyester, which are known for their durability and longevity. Investing in a high-quality tankini will ensure that you can enjoy it for many seasons to come.

  • Don’t forget about accessories

Accessories can elevate your tankini look and add a touch of elegance and style, providing additional sun protection and confidence. Consider adding a sarong, a wide-brimmed hat, or a statement necklace to complete your beach-ready ensemble.

You can also pair your tankini with a stylish cover-up for a chic and sophisticated look. A lightweight kimono, a flowing maxi dress, or a sheer caftan can instantly transform your tankini into a stylish outfit suitable for cocktails or poolside lounging. 

Tankini brands and DIY embellishments

Clearly, the tankini has come a long way from its blasé and utilitarian beginnings, and it is turning into a flattering swimsuit style that comes in a wide variety of gorgeous variations. The fashion industry has recognized the growing demand for these two-piece swimsuits among women over 50 and has responded with an array of brands that cater specifically to this age group. 

Miraclesuit, Summersalt, Boden, and Anne Cole are amongst those brands that understand the unique needs and preferences of mature women and offer tankinis that combine style, comfort, and functionality. 

However, what many women often overlook is the opportunity to customize their beach look, adding a personal touch to their tankini. You can create patterns or designs that reflect your personal style by sewing on some beads, sequins, or fabric flowers to your tankini to give it a unique and personalized touch or adding a tie-dye effect on a plain tankini by using fabric dye and rubber bands. 

Whether you prefer a classic monochromatic look or a bold and vibrant ensemble, just remember that the most important thing is to wear your tankini with confidence. Ultimately, embracing body positivity with tankinis is about loving and accepting yourself as you are. 

Are you ready to turn heads and make a splash in style this summer?

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