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The 4 Pillars of Perfect White Jeans For A Midlife Makeover

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Whether you’re going for the classic look or a more modern take on the trend, white jeans are a timeless spring/summer essential.

Worn by Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, Yoko Ono, Princess Diana and more recently Liz Hurley and Kate Middleton, white pants are cross-generational and look great with anything from sneakers to heels as they’re the perfect balance of formal and casual.

Yet, for many women over 50 who don’t have the same figure, shopping for them, finding the right pair that can flatter their silhouettes and materials that wouldn’t stretch out or show everything underneath is sometimes very challenging.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options to select from. Whether you are XS or XXL or anything in between, there’s a pair that’s perfect for your curves. Just remember, in order to avoid any “faux-pas“, always wear nude, not white, underwear with no visible panty lines so they blend in seamlessly.

Here are some helpful tips on how to wear white jeans during the good season.

Buying the perfect pair of white jeans

Buying jeans is a highly personal experience; it is less trend-led and more rooted in finding the perfect style to suit your shape and lifestyle all year round. These days, white jeans have become an all-year-round style staple, with different weights, shades and cuts (including mom jeans) that work well for every season.

Your forever piece? It needs to fit your body shape and be easy to wear.

To find the perfect one, usually stylists recommend taking measurements of one’s natural waist, hip, inseam and preferred rise. Depending on whether you want a loose or snug fit, you can choose the sizing that works best for you, based on those measurements.

Choose a thick fabric

Fabric is undoubtedly an essential factor when choosing a pair of white denim. Make sure to buy a pair that is made of quality material, with a more solid structure. Opt for jeans that are made from 100% cotton and have minimal stretch. This is mainly because stretch often results in uneven thickness showing up any imperfections.

The more rigid the fabric, the better.

Opt for a relaxed style

The fit of the white jeans should be perfect: not too tight, or baggy. A pair of skinny boot-cut jeans (up to the ankle) is very beautiful and fit many body types, but stylists often recommend sizing up or going for a “relaxed” style for a bit more comfort.

If you’re shopping for yourself, we recommend spending some time trying different styles and getting a sense of what is available and best suited for your body type“, say personal stylists at Mikado. “Jeans are a challenge to fit in general, and factoring in the light colour makes them that much more difficult. Always have a tailor remove the pockets (front and back) from your white denim. It’s a very simple alteration and provides a much cleaner look. White pants in general, with pockets showing through, become distracting and sloppy“.

Straight-legged jeans are a good option as they don’t hug everything too tightly but if you are more on the trend side, a wide-leg fit and high-rise waistband pair will do the job.

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Generally speaking, somewhere in the mid to high-rise range is what will look most natural; perhaps better to save the low-slung silhouette for other occasions and cropped white jeans (one that ends just two or three inches above the ankle) for summer days.

Find the right white jeans colour

According to The Zoe Report, finding the right shade of white is also important.

White denim often comes in a few different tones ranging from a bright white with cool tones to a warmer off-white hue that’s often referred to as bone“, they write. “Picking a shade is a personal choice, but the latter ‘bone’ versions are often easier to style with other colours and patterns as they don’t contrast as harshly in the overall palette of your outfit. Also, if you’re going for a white-on-white outfit, mixing a bright white shirt with a warmer-hued pair of white jeans is a nuanced way to achieve the look“.

Ring the changes

A great alternative to blue or black denim, white jeans are usually very versatile. For a casual look, you won’t go wrong in pairing them with a loose T-shirt worn tucked in the french way: the front half of your shirt into your white jeans, letting the back half flow out casually.

You can also pair your jeans with a white blazer or go with an all-white ensemble, then complete with loafers in browns or dark blues, either in soft leathers or muted suedes.

The 65-year-old model-turned-fashion-designer Inès de La Fressange likes her white jeans with a slightly cropped length (or rolled-up hem).

Knowing your style and sticking to what suits is one of the benefits of age and experience”, she said to The Telegraph talking about packing a pair of white jeans with her when spending time at her house in southern France. “It also saves time. Wearing the same clothes over and over again may seem a tad unadventurous, but it makes good style sense. To me, repeating outfits is the same as eating leftovers – always a bonus, never a chore”, she added.

For instant Provençal chic, team your white jeans with a pair of luxurious leather sandals and a posh straw basket. Et voilà.

But you can also pair classic cut white jeans with a crisp button-up blouse or a beautiful bright flowy top to mirror Jennifer Aniston‘s look. For shoes, dare to wear a classic pair of pointy-toe flats to elongate your legs or pointy-toe heels to really make you taller.

As for colour, choose between pairing your white jeans with pastels for a feminine look, bold hues – like red, yellow, and blue– for a statement style, black for a sharp monochrome appearance or soft neutrals, like grey and light brown, for an understated aesthetic.

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