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The Best Is Yet To Come

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Some flowers take time to bloom. After a pandemic, a bit of fine-tuning and a team re-shuffling, CrunchyTales is now flourishing in all its “midlife” glory, stronger than ever.

It took four years to grow as a lifestyle magazine and today I’m very proud to say we now have over 40K views per month, more than 9K followers on FB and a growing newsletter. We’ve also established a strong bond with the US market and midlife women around the world. Not bad for a small niche!

When I started this project, I could only count on a few people, struggled to find a reliable team and had a very low budget. I had just quit a well-paid job in England determined to launch my own business and change the narrative around midlife. I was in need to find a purpose, remain relevant, and maybe leave a legacy. Perhaps it was time to create something totally mine, being on the front end as an action for change and normalising ageing.

In the beginning, CrunchyTales was a quite challenging project in terms of time and resources. I’ve encountered several roadblocks along the way and only believing in the goodness of my mission it has helped me not to give up.

This year the fruits have finally ripened.

First of all, I had the opportunity to spend more time getting to know my readers a bit better, either via their feedback, messages or the articles they enjoyed reading the most. What an amazing audience you are. You are sassy, curious, stylish modern ladies over 50 who want to show the world that they are not done yet. Sisters, I can hear you and I’ll tell you, we are on the same page.

We write for you and I’m very excited to say we’ve been able to create such an incredible relationship over the years. We inspire you with our articles, illustrations and bi-monthly live events, you inspire us with your amazing stories of reinvention. What a fantastic vision we’ve created together!

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I’m also grateful for all those professionals that I’ve had the chance to meet this year. Amongst them: Diana Place, who hosted a fabulous online event “The Third Act Quest Stories” last October and invited me to join her and other fantastic inspiring midlife women to pave the road for a different approach to ageing. Also, broadcaster and YouTube star Dominque Sachse, the most exciting promoter of midlife makeovers helping women to get their feminity back; film director Sky Bergman who is fighting ageism showing us stories of lives well lived, choreographer and head judge of “Strictly Come Dancing-ItalyCarolyn Smith who despite cancer keeps inspiring us with her positivity and sensual dance programmes, pop star Stacey Jackson who became an inspiration for stay-at-home mums when she shot to fame, having launched her music career at 40, Paola Colombari the internationally acclaimed trendsetter and art gallerist who spreads her cosmic energy and creativity all around the world showing us we’re never too late to reinvent ourselves.

More recently I’ve been able to reach out to the hearts of several midlife women thanks to the launch of my radio show “Il Bello Dell’Età” (RID 96.8 FM), the first ever Italian programme of its kind dedicated to people over 40 and beyond.

Yes, the crunchy flowers are blooming but I need to keep watering them every day. Keep supporting us as the best is yet to come.

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