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5 Years Of Gratitude | CrunchyTales

Celebrating 5 Years Of Blessings

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Over the past 5 years, midlife women have made significant strides in breaking barriers in various fields. They have grown as a movement, shattered glass ceilings and societal norms, emerging as a force to be reckoned with. Their unwavering determination and indomitable spirit have inspired countless individuals around the world proving that expertise, wisdom and creativity don’t have an expiry date and that they deserve a seat at the table despite ageism.

Crunchytales has grown with them, witnessing and featuring their amazing journeys, highlighting the playful side of midlife and providing a platform for all those midlife women who look for news, views, inspiration, and a bit of fun, far away from the usual clichés.

It’s fantastic to look back and see how much we’ve evolved since our launch in December 2018 in terms of traffic and popularity. There have been ups and downs, sleepless hours, tight deadlines, seatbacks, risks to take, new people joining the team, laughs, excitement, events to organise and attend, a live show, new partnerships and media recognition for our hard work.

Along our journey, we’ve interviewed many professionals, involved several contributors, and connected with many experts who’ve shared their wisdom and experience with our readers, determined to help us change the narrative.

This year in particular, we have been blessed with plenty of amazing punchy advice from our ever-expanding board of experts and encouragement from a community of bold women around the world.

Special thanks to the Fearless Fashionista, Lauren Simmonds, for her special style tips reminding us that “we are Crunchy, not frumpy“; Dr Ellen Albertson, the Midlife Whisperer, for showing us the importance of self-care in this particular phase of life; Make up artist and Beauty expert Deborah Williams for helping us emphasise our best features; Brenda Ackerman, the Ageing Mentor, for sharing the goodness of midlife reinvention; Diversity Promoter Maria Olsen for encouraging us to break free and go beyond stereotypes; Life Transition expert Diana Place for helping us believe in our superpowers by unwrapping the gifts of our third act; Dr Sherry Ross for her invaluable insights into women’s health; Longevity coach Nicole Christina for her enlightening views on growing older and bolder; Gendered Ageism expert and executive coach Bonnie Marcus for reminding uswe’re not done yet.

However, the real deal has been you, my Dear Crunchy readers. Whether you’ve been a part of our community from the start or joined us along the way, we’ve loved having you with us. With your never-ending support and keen eyes, you’ve shown us that we’re all in together and only together we can make a difference.

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Our love, thanks and gratitude from everyone in the CrunchyTales team to all of you who made this possible.

But, there is still work to be done. Let us continue to uplift and support midlife women, ensuring that they have equal opportunities and recognition in all aspects of life, let’s continue to challenge ageism and show to the world that we are not over the hill while paving the way for future generations.

Here’s to the next Crunchy adventure!

Be wise, age playfully.


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