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Will you be the next 2023 Forbes ’50 Over 50′ woman?

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Success has no age limit. Rather than just hanging on, experience and wisdom nowadays in midlife mean our most productive days are in front of us.

When, in 2021, Forbes and Know Your Value released the inaugural “50 Over 50” list, which spotlights women who have rejected the conventional wisdom that their best years are behind them, more and more people had to come to terms with that.

In the past, entrepreneurs like Diane Hendricks or Judy Faulkner, billionaire founders of large companies; Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, Success Academy founder Eva Moskowitz, make-up artist Bobbi Brown, and personality Kris Jenner made it.

What had they specifically accomplished over the age of 50? Did they step into a new or more powerful role later in life? Did they make a big pivot? Sometimes all of those above but most of all they have shown to the world that it’s never too late to achieve our goals and to leave the planet a little bit better than we’ve found it. Though they work across industries, many of the listees had similar stories of being one of a few women in the room, facing adversities and obstacles, juggling careers and caregiving, and changing career paths well into their 50s.

The search for women who are actively stepping into their power in their sixth decade or beyond has now started again. Forbes and Know Your Value are looking for stories about accelerating or recreating careers to reach the highest echelons of a business or field after turning 50—with an eye on women who have overcome significant odds and are creating businesses at scale.

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How to apply

Do you know someone who belongs on the 2023 next list? Submit your nomination here for our 2023 “50 Over 50” list.

Check out the nomination guidelines below:

• Open to women whose residence or work is primarily based in the United States, born on or before December 31, 1972.

• Candidates should reflect the full range of career and passion-project paths, including entrepreneurs and business owners; nonprofit and philanthropy leaders; public servants, policymakers and social advocates; C-suite executives; VCs, angels and financiers; STEM visionaries; and arts and culture creators and producers.

• For founders and CEOs, we’re looking for businesses with a minimum of $20 million in annual revenue.

• Fill out the form, making sure all the information is accurate and, most important, highlights why you or your nominees should be on this list. Remember to include how you shifted or accelerated your career at midlife and the impact you’ve made in your field or community.

• We also welcome nominations from family, friends and colleagues.

• Nominations will be vetted by our editors and judges. Semifinalists will be contacted for any additional material and to confirm information.

The deadline to submit all nominations for the U.S. list is 11:59 pm ET on Thursday, June 1, 2023. Stay tuned for the deadlines for 50 Over 50 Asia and EMEA .

Good luck!

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