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10 Simple Ways To Celebrate Your Silver Anniversary That Won’t Break The Bank

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You’ve done it. You have survived the highs and lows of a long marriage, you’ve endured tantrums, fights, and laughter, you’ve shared so much and are now celebrating 25 years of togetherness. A huge milestone for a couple (also considering the high number of gray divorces).

Whether you plan to go on a holiday together, throw a party for your relatives and friends or renew your vows, the point is to have a good time and create special memories, celebrating your love and how far you’ve both come.

But what if you don’t want a big celebration?

You are not alone. These days, money constraints and the pressure to have an amazing time have put off several couples. Some of them, who also aren’t familiar with traditional anniversary milestones like silver, ruby, gold, etc. and don’t feel like exchanging expensive gifts, may prefer to ditch convention when it comes to marking the big day, others simply opt for their favourite restaurants and hand their spouse an anniversary card while heading out the door to work.

In the end, as Dr Pepper Schwartz, a University of Washington-Seattle sociologist who also works as the AARP’s relationship expert remarked: “A 25th anniversary can be celebrated in two ways. One is celebrating who you have been to each other. The other is celebrating the future”.

Here are some unconventional, yet quite simple ways to recall that spark helping you remind of why you fell in love in the first place. Something you can enjoy again and again.

  • Walk down to memory lane

If you feel to celebrate years of walking through life together, you can simply visit some of the places you enjoyed when dating, engaged, and newly married. For example, you can stop by the church where you got married, or drive by your first apartment or house. Then look through your album of wedding pictures, or watch your wedding video – if you have one- and then end the day with a romantic dinner at home.

  • Plan a picnic in the park

When choosing a place for your anniversary date picnic, here’s a simple rule of thumb: pick one where you and your partner feel comfortable. It can be at the beach where you first met, or at the park where you first set eyes on your babe. Having a date in a botanical garden or even in a vineyard will be memorable too, especially during the springtime when flowers are in bloom and their smells are exquisite. All you’ll need is a blanket and a yummy spread to eat and drink; mother nature will provide the rest. Don’t forget the camera!

  • Plant flowers

Flowers are a traditional way to recognize an anniversary. If you and your husband enjoy gardening, consider giving each other plants or bulbs that symbolize your 25 years together. That way you can remember this anniversary for years to come. Iris, in particular, is the flower associated with the 25th wedding anniversary.

  • Take a road trip

Get out the map, pick whatever destination and hit the road for some romantic time away. Find a cute bed and breakfast or Airbnb, break out of the usual routine and have an anniversary to remember. By taking your spouse on a “mystery trip”, you can have so much fun whilst keeping your relationship exciting as you explore.

  • Have a date at the drive-in

It’s like going back in time but with modern movies. There are not many left but if you can find one, why not consider visiting a drive-in theatre and having a romantic evening under the stars? Take along a little picnic hamper and a blanket then snuggle up and enjoy the show. None in your area? Then have a look for seasonal outdoor cinemas. Great memories guaranteed!

  • Spend a night at the opera

What could be better than a classic romantic play for your anniversary? Recent social research has revealed that a trip to the opera with your partner increases intimacy as scientifically proven to stimulate the pleasure centres of the brain, which is the same part that fires up when you fall in love. So, put on your finest outfit and head out to the local theatre.

  • Go bowling

Whether it’s a ten-pin bowling alley or your local lawn bowls club, bowling is a great way to spend some time together and have some silver anniversary fun. Unless you’re a pro bowler, you’re probably going to make a few mistakes. Laugh them off. Laugh together. Nothing spices up a date like laughter and a healthy dose of silliness. Also, take your game slowly and lounge between frames, chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

  • Experience a tandem bike ride

Hire a tandem bike and explore your surroundings. A tandem bike tour of museums, tourist attractions, and other cultural sites is a great way to explore your local amenities. Otherwise, map out some of your area’s most scenic outdoor locations, whether parks with trails for cyclists or even more remote countryside locations. Riding a tandem will take a little getting used to but once you both get the hang of it you’ll be working as a team; a great way to celebrate your silver anniversary.

  • Enjoy a rock concert

Do you remember those wild days? Get some tickets to a rock concert and make a night of it, even better if it’s a band you’ve loved for a while. Hearing favourite songs that brought you together is a great way to spend your anniversary. Rock concerts create a rush of adrenaline you can’t get anywhere else. Get ready to jump, sing, dance, and scream your head off.

  • Have a sunset hike

Spend your silver anniversary by hiking in some of your country’s most breathtaking scenery or simply hit your local hills. It doesn’t have to be an hour-long hike—just a stroll where it’s quiet and the trees are tall. Pick a secluded outdoor destination to snuggle up to your partner, pour a glass of wine, and snack on a simple charcuterie spread.

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Finally, if your family and friends decide to throw a party for you, go for it and give them a chance to share in your joy and celebrate you.

One last thing: whatever you decide to do together, remember to turn off your Mobile phones and have no distractions other than yourselves just like 25 years ago.

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