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Midlife Confidential | The Virtual Parlour For Women Over 40 - Episode 5

Fashion, Beauty and Style – Rocking Your Look At Midlife | Midlife Confidential – Episode 5

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Are we all sharpening – in some way- a new aesthetic literacy? And which role middle-aged women are playing in that?

Excited to launch the fifth episode of Midlife Confidential, the virtual parlour for women over 40.

Joining our chief editor, Michela Di Carlo, the most awe-inspiring professionals on the market.

  • Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert, Joyce Connor Make Up
  • Film Producer and Photographer, Kristen Jensen Productions – Westchester, Connecticut
  • Stylist and Executive Director of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator, Elissa Bloom
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Age is just a number when you embrace midlife with the right attitude! When it comes to beauty and fashion, each of the three women believe that it is hugely important to feel good about ourselves and the way we look and dress. We should not try to please others, but find our own, personal style, boldly wearing both our clothes, accessories as well as wrinkles and greying hair with pride.

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