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Midlife Confidential | The Virtual Parlour For Women Over 40 - Episode 4

Change, Evolve, Enjoy, Repeat! | Midlife Confidential – Episode 4

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How can we release the past and get unstuck? How can we finally move on? If you are a middle-aged woman searching for some clarity, don’t miss this lovely informal conversation with these top-notch motivational speakers.

Joining our chief editor, Michela Di Carlo, such a fantastic team of professionals:

  • Founder of Me Met Me, Wellbeing Whisperer, Nuthan Manohar
  • Podcast Host & Author, founder of Fearlessly Facing Fifty, Amy Schmidt
  • Motivational Speaker & Author of 50 After 50, Maria Olsen
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These fabulous women discuss what midlife has brought and offered them and how they’ve faced some of the challenges, such as losing your parents, going through a divorce and dealing with depression. They’ve each stepped out of their comfort zone and embraced this new phase of life with confidence and zest. What a great conversation and what marvellous, inspiring stories!

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