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Midlife Confidential | The Virtual Parlour For Women Over 40 - Episode 3

Money, Business & Midlife Power | Midlife Confidential – Episode 3

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How can we improve our relationship with money? Is there a way to avoid a financial ‘midlife’ crisis?

Is midlife the right time to reboot a career? How can we find motivation and then stick to our new plans? Excited to launch the third episode of Midlife Confidential, the Virtual Parlour for Women Over 40.

Joining our chief editor, Michela Di Carlo, three amazing professionals:

  • Crunchy ExpertFinancial Therapist, Patty Gale
  • Fashion Entrepreneur, Louise Nicholson Fifty One Apparel
  • Crunchy ExpertLeadership Mentor, Vanessa Rhodes Imago HR

These three women really got out of their comfort zone and launched their own business in midlife: through trial and error, they’ve learned new skills, gained resilience and confidence, and found their true calling. Together with Michela, they discuss some of the typical financial midlife challenges such as going through a divorce or losing a job. They also talk about the importance of forgiving ourselves for our financial mistakes. It is just as important to take care of ourselves financially as it is emotionally, spiritually and physically. So, make a first financial date with yourself and listen to this crunchy conversation!

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