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Midlife Confidential | The Virtual Parlour For Women Over 40 - Episode 2

Where Has My Sex Appeal Gone? | Midlife Confidential – Episode 2

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The best-kept secret about today’s mature woman is that once she has outgrown the proscriptions to be a good girl, she may allow herself a license for lust!

Join our chief editor, Michela Di Carlo, for the second episode of Midlife Confidential, the Virtual Parlour for Women Over 40, in a really hot conversation with a fantastic bunch of perennials:

  • Erotica Writer, Stella Fosse
  • Pole dancer, Makeda Smith (Flying Over 50)
  • Burlesque performer, Judith Vandepeer
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These women have challenged stereotypes and found their true identities; they’ve freed themselves from society’s expectations, adapted gently to their ageing bodies, without losing their playful and childish inner selves. Be inspired by their stories!

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