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FOMO, JOMO and other stories

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Feeling anxious about missing out on something or that other people are having more fun than you? Are you always hyper-connected to keep up with social media? Or are you just an animal party under the pressure to be seen in the right places with the right people? Well, your soul is probably affected by a new virus called FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Don’t worry, it’s not such a serious thing but when you realise you have lost your inner compass then it’s time to reconnect with your real needs. It’s even worse when you have to deal with the FOMOMG (Fear of Missing Out on My Goals); the pressure of achieving our personal targets can cause stress and anxiety. Remember, everyone has their own journey and their own path and we always have the right of revising our expectations. Plus, there is still time to be what you might have been. Nora Ephron was 51 when she directed her first movie, Vera Wang was 40 when she turned into a world-famous bridal designer and Judie Dench was in her 60s when she graced our screens in the U.S. as James Bond’s boss in the 1995 film GoldenEye.
So, come on, CrunchyLadies: don’t forget most of us come from the glorious 70s or 80s. No mobiles, no social media, just a bunch of friends, gigs, and a couple of noisy colleagues to deal with. Our only disappointment would probably have been missing Michael Jackson‘s concert, the latest hits released by the Motown gurus, that mate’s wild party or the last episode of Charlie’s Angels. Not a big deal, right? So, let’s embrace a bit of JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). It encourages us to enjoy the pleasure of choosing what we want to do (or not do), in a way that engages and fulfils us. Right here, right now.

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