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Chasing The Ghost Of A Youthful Metabolism

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Let’s face it, ladies, the rumours were true. There is a magical age when you can eat whatever you want and not gain a single ounce. That age is called “five” and even then, it’s a temporary superpower.

Ah, the halcyon days of youth. Boundless energy, late-night adventures, and a metabolism that could seemingly burn through anything – even that extra slice (or three) of pizza. Then, somewhere between the PTA meetings and the first signs of crows’ feet, something shifts. You look at that extra slice and think, “Maybe not today.

This was me, firmly in the grip of the “midlife spread” narrative. Salads became my best friend, portion control was my new mantra. But then, a peculiar thing happened. One evening, after a particularly long day, hunger pangs hit with the ferocity of a hangry teenager.

Reaching for the fruit bowl – a reflex by now – my hand hovered. Instead, I grabbed a bag of chips. In went a handful, then another. To my surprise, the world didn’t implode. No guilt, no immediate digestive distress. Just the satisfying crunch and a calming of the hunger.

Was this a sign? A return to the good ol’ days of endless eating?

Intrigued, I experimented. Over the next few weeks, I allowed myself the occasional treat, the slightly larger portion. And guess what? I didn’t sprout a spare tyre overnight.

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Here’s the thing: while it felt like I could eat more without immediate consequences, it was likely an illusion.

Firstly, portion sizes are sneakily deceptive. That “small” bag of chips might have been a giant in disguise compared to my younger self’s indulgence. Secondly, while the weight gain might not be instant, it can creep up over time.

The truth? My body’s needs had changed. Muscle mass naturally declines with age, requiring fewer calories. What felt like “normal” eating in my 20s was simply unsustainable in my 50s.

So, the midlife snack epiphany? A bit of a false alarm.

This isn’t to say a midlife indulgence is completely off-limits. The key is mindfulness. Enjoy the occasional treat, but prioritize a balanced diet and stay active.

Remember, even though that extra slice might not bring on immediate disaster, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Small, sustainable changes are the recipe for healthy ageing, not chasing the ghost of a youthful metabolism.

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