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From Dulse Seaweeds to Fat Bombs: the 2019 food trends

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Another year, another wave of “It” ingredients hitting the endlessly evolving world of food trends. In particular, the wellbeing movement is driving the continual quest for ingredients with added health benefits. had a look at two interesting surveys and here is what we found.

According to the latest report released by JWT Innovation, Lichen, Dulse Seaweed and the Philippine citrus fruit Calamansi (also known as the Philippine lime) are the new healthy stars on the eatery scene for 2019.

Edible Lichen, for a Scandi Twist

“It’s not the first time lichen has found its way onto plates – said the Director of JWT innovation, Lucie Greene-. Chefs have increasingly been adding it to high-end menus, tapping the continuing trend for modern foraging and indigenous ingredients. Chef Fredrik Berselius, from Brooklyn’s Michelin-starred restaurant Aska, relocated temporarily to Lyle’s in London to host two dinners in May 2018, serves dishes inspired by nature, including a lichen, cream and mushroom broth”. They have a vaguely mushroomy flavour, some even compare them to truffles, albeit stronger and slightly bitter. Chef René Redzepi of the Noma restaurant in Copenhagen has certainly contributed to giving this ingredient its gourmet launch.

Dulse Seaweed Flakes

If you want to spice up your life (not only your salad), adding this red seaweed on your plate might be the right way. It is packed with valuable minerals, including iron and potassium. Rich in vitamin A and B12, Dulse seaweed is already a popular snack in Scotland and Ireland. You can add it to bread, burgers and beer for a unique flavour twist. It also well known as an aphrodisiac and as a great hangover cure. Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Heston Blumenthal, Nigel Slater and Cyrus Todiwalla have already added it to their special recipes.

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The rise of Calamansi

This Filipino citrus fruit is getting very popular among people and appearing on more supermarket shelves and bar menus due to increased interest in the country’s cuisine. The fruit’s perceived health benefits and a tart-sweet flavour profile is finding favour with mixologists, too. The citrus fruit is already popular in Korea and Singapore as a juice drink but its uses are expanding from a cooking ingredient to encompass beverages, including cocktails and craft beer. There, it is also frequently combined with soy sauce, and that mixture is used as a dipping sauce or marinade for other foods. There are several ways you can sample Calamansi. If you treat it like any other citrus fruit, you can use it to flavour just about everything: ice cream, pastries, pies, fish tacos, noodles, meats and more.

Probiotics and Fat Bombs, on top of the Whole Foods 2019 list

The American big organic grocer forecasts also the rise of Probiotics like kimchi and sauerkraut. They enjoyed a boost in popularity over the past year, and now, new strains of gut-friendly bacteria are making fermented products more shelf-stable. Probiotics will be found in everything from granola bars, to powders, to shakes for healthy, stomach-soothing snacking. On the other hand, the rise of ketogenic and paleo diets has played a hand in the rising popularity of healthy fats, which Whole Foods has labeled “phat fats.” In the coming year, many of these fats will be found in nut-based treats that consumers in wellness circles have taken to calling “fat bombs,” as well as butters and snacks made with ghee.

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