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3 Chic Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Guest Attire | CrunchyTales

Ditch The Dress: 3 Chic Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding Guest Attire

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The quest for the perfect wedding guest outfit is a familiar battle cry for many women. But for those over 50, the struggle can feel particularly daunting. Stores are overflowing with bodycon dresses in unforgiving fabrics and trendy silhouettes that leave you wondering if you stumbled into a Sweet Sixteen party by mistake.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a classic ceremony dress. But where’s the option for the woman who wants to celebrate in style, on her own terms? The one who craves an outfit that reflects her confidence and personality, not the latest fad?

Good news: the traditional wedding guest dress code is outdated. From sleek jumpsuits to sophisticated separates, here’s your little guide to rocking an unforgettable non-dress look.

What to wear as a wedding guest if you don’t like dresses

Whether it’s due to personal style preferences, comfort considerations, or simply wanting to try something different, the desire to look elegant and appropriate without donning a traditional dress is entirely understandable. 

The Classy Jumpsuit With A Twist

It’s easy to wear, uniquely cute, and most importantly, comfortable. Not to mention, it can become such a versatile addition to your wardrobe, that you’re bound to wear them again! A jumpsuit offers a one-and-done solution with an air of effortless elegance. It’s fantastic for weddings because they can be just as dressy as a gown. So, look for flattering silhouettes – cinched waists and wide-leg pants create a balanced look and don’t be afraid of colour or bold prints. 

We love: PINKO Halterneck Sleeveless Jumpsuit in Green

The Elegant Pantsuit

A well-tailored pantsuit exudes confidence and sophistication. Choose a luxurious fabric like silk or crepe for added impact and play with proportions. A cropped jacket with wide-leg pants creates a modern silhouette, while a fitted blazer with cigarette pants offers a timeless look.

The best pantsuits now are boxy, masculine shapes in a bold colour. Here at CrunchyTales, we’re huge fans of oranges, purples, pinks and reds – most of which look fabulous on every skin tone. 

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We love: Mint Velvet Oversized Single Breasted Tailored Blazer + Tailored Wide Trousers + Asymmetric Waistcoat in Pink pants, Pink

Skirt and top, a classic wedding guest attire

For a whimsical touch, consider a midi or maxi skirt paired with a statement top. The key is to find a skirt that is strong on its own, but is still adaptable enough to make it through every event on your social calendar. So, opt for a fabric that can be easily dressed up or down – like silk, satin, chiffon, or a nice breathable linen.

According to our style editors, a silk midi skirt with a flowy blouse is a classic combo, but you can also go for an embellished top and streamlined stilettos to create an elevated after-dark ensemble. Add a statement necklace or a pair of sparkling earrings et voilà!

We love: Karen Millen Jacquard Woven Midi Skirt + Ponte Ruched Round Neck Top

Bonus Style Tips For A Wedding

Always consider the dress code. Formal weddings call for more polished looks, while semi-formal events allow for more flexibility. The venue itself can give you a good idea of what to wear. A beach wedding might be better suited for a breezy jumpsuit, while a nighttime affair calls for something more glamorous.

Take a look at the invitation to see if there’s any mention of a specific dress code. Remember, even if the wedding is casual, it’s important not to go too casual. Avoid wearing T-shirts, jeans, or flip-flops. This is the bride’s special day, and we should respect it by dressing appropriately. And of course, never wear white! 

Last but not least, comfort is key! You’ll be dancing the night away, so choose an outfit that allows for movement and makes you feel confident.

With these tips and a dash of personal style, you’re sure to be the best-dressed (and most comfortable) guest at any wedding!

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