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Who Needs A Menopause Vacation?

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The Menopause may have a bright side, too. If you’ve ever dreamt of taking a break from your symptoms (or at least find a better way to manage them) you can now rely on resorts, destination spas and wellness practitioners offering new retreats and services to help women in midlife navigate the highs and lows of this stage of life.

The Wall Street Journal calls this new trend, “the menopause vacation” and it looks like it’s growing in popularity amongst midlife women. Combining a spa trip with advice for taming hot flashes, insomnia and mood changes, these type of holidays promises a happy escape from the roller coaster of menopause.

Of course, there is no cure for the loss of estrogen, and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) still remains the tried-and-tested medical treatment, but these retreats want to provide some alternatives to those women who are willing to experiment.

Whether you need real-time spent on education, some much-needed personalized attention, and chances to enjoy the power of shared experience and community, menopause vacations have something for everyone.

The offers may vary: some retreats bring in nutritionists, psychologists and sex experts–and help women use everything from breathwork and acupuncture, as well as menopause-focused bodywork treatments–to provide some relief. Others like the Italian wellness luxury resort Preidelhof, combine a medical-wellness approach with a major focus on creative emotional release therapies. Ayurvedic resorts, such as Ananda in the Himalayas, instead use the ancient medicine’s focus on correcting imbalances of all kinds to tackle hormonal fluctuations.  

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Basically, the idea here is to explore natural ways to boost female hormones while empowering women to manage their symptoms through movement, nutrition and mindful activities.

Of course, we can’t deny for many travel companies and tour operators this is also a great chance to invest in profitable new areas. According to the Wellness Summit report, the whole “menopause economy” value is estimated as a $600 billion market opportunity. A luxury most of the time, midlife women, can’t afford.

Here at CrunchyTales, we can’t help asking ourselves: “do we really need a menopause vacation?”

Sometimes, a nice weekend can be wonderful and beneficial, too. But still, we believe menopause is not the end, it is yet another chapter of life and as it comes with a variety of physiological and lifestyle adjustments, it is important for women to figure out how to make changes that work for all aspects of their lives—travel included.

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