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2022 Horoscope: Freedom Is The Theme Of The Year

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Welcome to the year of freedom. What’s in the stars for your sign in 2022? From Aries to Pisces, check out your Horoscope and see if the new year is bringing higher tides, cautious choices or important changes. 

After such a difficult time, finally, 2021 hands over the keys to a new Solar Year. 2022 brings in for everyone the desire to get back into the game, to commit to long term plans, especially in the second half of the year, when the Fire Element, which represents energy itself, gives us the right tools to make dreams come true.

Jupiter, in particular, which can promote creativity, growth, and well-being, will have a positive influence on a large part of the Zodiac. Its Astral position will definitely lead to the conclusion of an austere period; from May 2022, we will all feel freer, stronger, less constrained and more secure.

Right from the very start of the new year, the first Signs to benefit a moment of clear recovery are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, which will enjoy a magical moment made of great news, success in work and finance. From June, the Signs of Fire are the ones that will take the main stage in 2022. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will experience an important moment due to the resolution of old problems. Expect love fulfilment, luck in the profession and private life.

And what about the other signs? Read on to check our forecast.

  • ARIES (March 20-April 19)
    Luck and success for eight months

The arrival of Jupiter in your Sign after twelve years means success in work, love and money. However, 2022 does not start immediately with luck, you will have to wait until the end of May to see a major change in your life. Jupiter brings in a lot of news; the months between May and December are the most constructive to receive a long-awaited recognition. You are the luckiest and in the best position to buy a house, enjoy a new love story, get married, expand your family. In this Solar Year, the long-awaited fortune is coming. Whether it’s recovery after an illness, an early retirement, a pension or an inheritance, luck will knock on your door, be ready to receive what you need. Be more kind, less impulsive, broaden your circle of friends, give more depth to your daily life. Jupiter will remain by your side to make you stronger than before, which is why it is useful to start a total reboot that will open the doors to new energies. Health will benefit from the influence of this planet which is linked to physical well-being. Play sports, change your look, get out of a sedentary lifestyle.

  • TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
    To make the present solid, the past has to be revolutionized

You are sailing a ship and everything that belongs to you is on board. This ship is called life but it comes with a rudder bringing you so many difficulties due to Uranus which does not give you a break. Until now, you have experienced how life could be full of difficulties and instability, in which your health has been severely tested. The positive note is that 2022 remains the year of realization for you. The upcoming important news makes this Solar Year very promising, thanks to your resilience. Uranus will manifest itself through a long-awaited recognition, a trade, a professional change, a new love, the realization of a long term dream. All this positivity may have a downside, though, as greater responsibility is on the way. Uranus presses on the accelerator through continuous stimuli, which, in some cases, maybe too much causing you to lose control over everything. Be vigilant about your health, more present in the family and less dependent on food. January, May and December are your luckiest months.

  • GEMINI (May 21-June 20)
    Maturity is the winning weapon

Saturn has remained by your side whilst Jupiter – after twelve months- has moved away. That means in 2022 you could reap the rewards of the past year; it all depends on how much effort you have put into work, love, family and money. If Jupiter has allowed you to sow your professional, loving and economic skills to the fullest, then Saturn will cement your energies. However, it will work only if you have used the favourable period of Jupiter to the fullest, bringing to light your abilities. In 2022, the greatest achievement comes from the personal side, making you more mature, stronger and solid. Be sure to manage your energies in the best possible way, bringing new professional planning to life and increasing your finances. On the personal side do not forget your origins, as it is a fundamental point to draw the right strength. Remember that Saturn remains by your side throughout 2022, like a good friend who shows you the right path to take. Over the coming months, pay attention to allergies.

  • CANCER (June 20-July 22)
    Patience is the virtue of the strong

Although Jupiter gives you important support, the beginning of the Year appears difficult and heavy. It is due to the presence of Venus that weakens the good influence of Jupiter: some difficulties can arise in the sentimental field with misunderstandings in the couple and in the economic sector too. Venus, against you until March 2022, will make the beginning of the Solar Year unstable with problems in relationships. Better manage instability by paying extra attention to your personal life. Be passive to events by not taking on others’ problems, as you could risk being involved in situations that are not yours. In April, things change radically, leaving positive space for personal or professional fulfilment. These have been fluctuating months, from success to the slowdown of the most important issues. Do not let the difficulties stagnate, be resourceful and less pessimistic. In love, the most interesting news can be linked to a house, in fact, July and August are the most suitable months to decide to move in with someone or even a wedding. On the financial side, pay attention to risky investments; the greatest difficulty comes in recovering an old credit. On the physical side, be more mindful about what you eat: it will benefit your overall health.

  • LEO (July 22-Aug. 22)
    The year of the redemption

There are great improvements ahead. The arrival of Jupiter in Aries brings very important help to your sign. It’s strong enough to pick you up after an extremely difficult period. In the coming months, the most important news will come in your profession and money. From next May, a real revolution is taking place; Jupiter will allow you to change jobs, recover an old credit, advance in your career. Luck will remain at your side until December when the planet moves away from you leaving room for a new opening. In the months to come, you will quickly realize how those difficult issues will take a positive path. A recovery is on the way after a long illness, as well as a financial improvement, a new love or the solution of some relationship problems. Be more available to your family, children, and loved ones. The months suitable for changing jobs are May, August and November. On the well-being side, pay attention to what you eat, Jupiter could induce you to gain weight. If you like practising sports, then the podium is guaranteed.

  • VIRGO (Aug. 22-Sept. 22)
    Love and passion are at the centre of everything

A very positive start to the year. The influence of the stars pushes you to live life in a new way. It is Venus that gives you an edge, its influence lasts until the end of March, bringing in greater focus into emotional and professional relationships, as well as a great support in solving some love issues and improving your career. Your finances will also benefit from the positive influence of Venus, especially in the months when the support of the Sun and Mercury will allow you to recover lost energy (January, September, December). The greatest difficulty to overcome in 2022 is the continuous presence of the planet Neptune, which opposes your sign. This planetary aspect makes things a little difficult, it usually creates confusion, instability in relationships, misunderstandings in the profession and the family. Better not to get too carried away every time you have to make choices for others. Pay more attention to your health, do not underestimate stress, especially in the months of March and November. In love, there is a lot of intimacy: for some of you a marriage or moving forward together as a couple cannot be excluded. A trip abroad for business or pleasure is on its way. Lucky months are January, February, May and September.

  • LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22)
    A lot of work and many unexpected changes

A new year full of opportunities but, above all, a long-awaited redemption after hard work. Jupiter has moved away from your sign and the stars now leave you enough space to decide what to keep or throw from 2021. In the past months, Jupiter and Saturn have been your allies allowing you to reach very important social and personal levels. However, too much responsibility has made you unstable and fatigued and this will no longer be manageable for you, which is why you will experience a big change in the coming months from August to December. It is still Jupiter, who has given you security and great luck, to free your life from difficult situations. Be careful not to make any mistakes in evaluating situations: every change must be carefully considered and what no longer suits you can be reversed and pushed away. The energy of the stars will highlight those areas closest to your personal life. In love, common sense wins, whilst in your profession, your skills will be highlighted. Regarding friendships, a split is necessary. It is not an easy year, health might need more attention, but the influence of the stars will certainly help you remove anything superfluous.

  • SCORPIO (Oct. 22-Nov. 21)
    Jupiter supports you to achieve your goals

You are one of the luckiest signs of the zodiac. The arrival of Jupiter in Pisces marks the difference at the beginning of 2022. In the coming months, from January to March you will be kissed by luck. Take advantage of this magical influence to give your life a new twist. Be more careful at work where opportunities can be a strength. In love, you will experience real development in the couple through greater stability: you could either move in together or legalize your relationship. For some of you, it will be an extremely positive period to be fully exploited: a new home, a long-awaited job, a financial improvement, an early retirement. Others might recover after a long illness. In the summer months, June, July and August are the best times for a trip abroad. On the professional side, an extremely favourable period begins for you: especially if you work for a company, a very profitable financial raise is on the way. On the family side, you could experience some instability in November and December. A dynamic Solar Year, excellent for achieving the desired goals, take action by bringing to you everything you need. Top health.

  • SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 21-Dec. 21)
    The year of the conquest

A radical change is coming into your life over the next few months. Expect a difficult time between January and March. The presence of Jupiter in the sign of Pisces can bring in a lot of instability and delays for you. However, don’t worry as in April this planet will enter the sign of Aries, sweeping away all your problems. While awaiting its arrival, use the first few months of the year to plan; by doing so you will be prepared to make your dreams come true. From the first day of Spring, an extremely positive period begins and will last until Autumn. These are favourable months to improve your career, expand a business, or make new connections. On the financial side, you will be strong enough to invest or start an important negotiation. A long-awaited purchase and sale cannot be ruled out; Jupiter gives you a new home or a change of residence. In love, you will find a calmness that has long been missing. Some of you will rekindle with an old flame, others may expect a child. On the well being side, pay attention to what you eat. Be open to life, travel and create a new circle of friends. Jupiter by your side will always guide and support you.

  • CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 20)
    Love, money and a lot of patience

During the first part of the year, Venus will support your finances positively, together with Jupiter who will push the foot on the accelerator at work and in private life. The months involved are January, February and March. This is an extremely positive period to undertake new professional collaborations, new financial commitments such as buying a house, involving a new partner, expanding your business. The keyword is investing money or recovering an old credit. Expect financial help from abroad. In love, the support of the planet Venus will make long-standing relationships more solid. Depending on your situation, in the months to come expect love at first sight, a return of an old flame or moving in with your partner. If you have been single for a long time, take a closer look around, it may be surprising. Pay attention to friendships, you could experience some disappointments. From the well being side, the solar year is quite strong. In the summer months, avoid excess. Better to look after yourself with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

  • AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
    More mature than before

Jupiter has left your sign after twelve months of great opportunities; now the most enterprising planet of the zodiac leaves room for your freedom of action. Fortunately, Saturn will be by your side to continue its evolutionary process in your life and its presence will help make you stronger and mature through difficult experiences. However, 2022 looks better than 2021 as the influence of this Star guarantees success in love, work and private life. This is not the year for impulsive decisions; so, be careful in your choices. The most significant months for making changes remain February, June and October. In this period, you can dare to do the things that are most important to you such as moving house, improving your career, investing in a new project, starting a new business. In love, you’ll have to consider some instability and distractions, especially for those new relationships that are still superficial. For long-standing couples, however, the arrival of Venus brings in greater awareness and understanding. From March, Saturn will make things even smoother. For all those keen on cosmetic surgery or bodybuilding, 2022 brings in chances of changing and improving your look.

  • PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20)
    Success, luck, love and money

The podium is all yours: 2022 starts so brilliantly that you are the most envied Sign of the Zodiac. Jupiter, the most helpful planet, returns to visit you after twelve years to make dreams come true. Dare to daydream as the star of success and fortune becomes your helm, your guide, your point of reference especially where a professional, emotional or financial change is needed. Expect a stronger network, great relationships and money coming your way. The presence of Jupiter will also protect your health. In the coming months between January and May, your life will take a different, unexpected and lucky turn. A calendar year full of opportunities that will leave you breathless: the realization of a work project, a love conquest, the purchase of a house, the arrival of a child, a long-awaited trip abroad. Be less passive to events and more enterprising: only in this way will luck be able to give you a one-of-a-kind period. Summer 2022 will remain in your history; expect a radical change. For some of you, it means the beginning of a new life after a separation, the end of an old job, moving to a new town or an early retirement.

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Happy 2022!

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