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Three Is A Magic Number

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Happy Birthday CrunchyTales and congratulations on achieving three glorious years of empowering women in midlife. The road has not been easy these last 18 months especially as we’ve had to navigate through a Pandemic and continue to do so.

Despite this, CrunchyTales has continued to expand and inject positivity and inspiration into all our readers. This year we’ve consolidated our presence in the USA and reached out to our friends in Italy hosting not one but three CrunchyTalks in the Eternal City, Rome. What a success they were and a massive “Thank You” to all those panellists who helped us to reframe such a vibrant stage of life.

We’ve also secured some major scoop interviews with Cindy Gallop, Ashton Applewhite and Lidia Ravera to name but a few. They have all boarded the CrunchyTales express and with their views are travelling 1st class all the way. Also, our gratitude goes to all those professionals who made our international network stronger than ever like Kavita Ahuja, Scarlett Lewis and Nancy Burger, Maria Olsen, Patty Bonsera, Joyce Connor and Vanessa Rhodes. All of them helped us to throw light on our exciting midlife journey.

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Later this year, with the goal of continuing to give you the right balance of articles and illustrations to not only help you move forward but to look and feel good whilst doing so, we elevated our game launching an art exhibition in Rome showcasing the best illustration of CrunchyTales, too. The idea was reinforcing our message of freedom and inspiring ladies to think about midlife as a time of renaissance more than winding down. A big thumbs up was given to our in house artist Veronica Niccolai who continues to complement our important mission with her work. Great Stuff!

So what about next year you ask? Well, CrunchyTales will keep pushing harder and striving to help all midlifers gain the power and presence they deserve and we’ll have more talks and useful discussions coming your way, along with fantastic interviews and helpful advice.

May we here at CrunchyTales wish you all the very best for this Festive season and look forward to you continuing this amazing journey with us. Be wise, age playfully.

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