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Under The Face Mask

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Has your make-up routine changed since the coronavirus outbreak? According to Mintel researchers, gone are the days when expensive lipsticks used to be the ultimate luxury possessions. As people lean into the habit of wearing masks, these beauty products are fast being replaced by cosmetics that enhance the eyebrows and eyes, judging by the rate at which they are flying off the shelves.

Bold eye makeup, waterproof foundation, and moisturizer are some of the many ways people around the world are adapting their styling and beauty routines to the ubiquity of face masks.

And while putting on makeup right now might seem unnecessary to some people, it can make a huge difference in creating a sense of normal and navigating these overwhelming circumstances. According to Dr Stewart Shankman, chief of psychology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, establishing and maintaining routines that boost one’s mood can be beneficial.

This COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented time of uncertainty and uncontrollability. So people putting makeup on will give them a sense of control given what’s going on outside is uncontrollable- he explains-. What people are doing when they’re putting on makeup or getting dressed is they’re doing something to improve their mood, and we know from research studies and interventions that when people can control their mood, it helps their sense of well-being.

Influencers, retailers and beauty companies are quickly providing guidance and tutorials for mask makeup. Japan and Korea, in particular, are the Countries leading the new trend. In Hong Kong, Harbour City, the main shopping mall, has worked with seven global brands including Chanel Beaute, Shu Uemura and Tom Ford Beauty to create looks that integrate masks into the makeup look. Manufacturers are also filling the supply chain with more long-lasting formulations. Kolmar Korea released sunscreen, cushion foundation, lipstick and powder that won’t easily come off with sweat and masks.

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In the end, there is no right answer when it comes to how to approach beauty in these difficult times. If it doesn’t feel right for you right now, that’s fine. But if it does? Keep doing what makes you happy.

Makeup may actually help protect the skin, but with an important caveat. If you have it on, this will create an extra barrier, but make sure you remove it as soon as possible because the mask on top of the skin may physically cause the makeup to clog pores. Also, make sure your skincare regimen is gentle. Look for milk or lotion cleansers, oil cleansers, aloe-based toners and moisturizers. To avoid any irritants, choose either fragrance-free or products scented with only essential oils.

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