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How To Target Stubborn Armpit Fat In Midlife

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Summer means a happy time, good sunshine and sleeveless tops. But what if you feel a bit embarrassed by your armpit fat? You can either keep covering it up with your favourite t-shirts – and maybe upgrade your wardrobe– or target it with the right approach.

What Is Armpit Fat?

Armpit fat or “bra bulge” – the unnecessary folds of fat that gather under arms or on the side of the breasts – is more common than you think amongst midlife women and can be quite stubborn to get rid of it, especially during menopause. However, with some dedication and a few lifestyle changes, you can achieve the toned and sculpted arms you’ve been dreaming of.

Armpit fat is a common problem amongst mature women, especially those with big breasts who might have an incorrect posture or even wear the wrong bra.

It can be caused by several factors, including genetics (you could have inherited it from your mum), and sometimes it gets worse with age when we experience a decrease in collagen and skin elasticity.

Hormonal changes, in particular, can contribute to armpit fat, especially in women over 50. During menopause, many of us experience a decrease in estrogen levels, which can lead to a redistribution of body fat in areas we didn’t expect at all.

On the other hand, we can’t deny that weight gain might play a role too. If you have a sedentary lifestyle or consume a lot of high-calorie foods, don’t be surprised to see your body storing fat in different areas, including your armpits.

But don’t get discouraged, by building up the chest and upper arm muscles, as well as following a healthy routine. you can see some improvements.

How To Get Rid Of Armpit Fat

One of the best ways to get rid of armpit fat is through a combination of diet and exercise. As a rule of thumb, eating a balanced diet is essential for targeting not only that area but also to improve your overall well-being.

It’s important to focus on whole grains, lean proteins, and nutrient-dense foods such as fruits and vegetables as well as avoid sugary drinks and sweets. However, it’s via strength training and cardiovascular exercises (like running, cycling, or swimming) that you will likely see more effective results.

Strength training, in particular, is an effective way to target armpit fat. It helps build muscle mass, which increases your metabolism and helps you burn more calories.

Any exercise that works the triceps is great for tightening underarms since that’s the muscle you’re working,” says celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese.

She recommends an exercise called tricep kickbacks: “Stand with your feet hip-width apart and light to a medium dumbbell in each hand. With a deep bend in your knees, hinge forward at your waist keeping the back flat and the abdominals held in tight. Pull the dumbbells up into your armpits to start. From here, extend the arms straight back and squeeze your triceps when you are fully extended. Return to the start position and repeat“.

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Of course, consistency is key when it comes to seeing some improvements. Sticking to your diet and exercise routine for at least 6 months is the best way to ensure long-term success and maintain your armpit fat loss results.

Alternative Treatments for Stubborn Armpit Fat

If you’ve tried diet and exercise and still have stubborn armpit fat, there are some alternative – but expensive treatments (upwards of $10,000) your aesthetic doctor or dermatologist might recommend for you, depending on the case.

“Non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as CoolSculpting (cryolipolysis) and Thermage (radiofrequency laser treatment) are commonly used to eliminate excess fat and tighten loose skin, respectively, helping patients look and feel their very best”, says Michele Green M.D., a Cosmetic Dermatologist in NYC. “These procedures are incredibly popular alternatives to invasive surgical procedures like body lifts or liposuction, as they can offer permanent body contouring improvement without the need for surgery with its attached risks and extensive recovery time”.

CoolSculpting uses cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells, while Radiofrequency Laser Treatment uses heat energy to target excess fat in localized areas. Depending on the amount of excess fat in the treatment area, multiple sessions may be needed and they are both quite effective on target stubborn armpit fat.

Style Tricks To Conceal Armpit Fat

You can conceal your armpit fat and maintain a sleek, lovely appearance using a few easy style tips, too.

Start by upgrading your bra. When you wear one that is smaller than your chest size, your breast tissue will not have enough space to develop, causing it to move towards the armpit. So, experiment with different cup sizes and band lengths.

You can also try to cover your shoulders with a scarf or shawl – this will help you in hiding any bulges- or simply concentrate on other parts of your body that you can flaunt to look glamorous. One of the best options for you might be off-shoulder attires. They will balance your overall appearance, as they highlight the shoulders and not the arms.

Whatever your approach, armpit fat is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you prefer hiding it, choose a dress that makes you feel your best and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and accessories until you find what works for you.

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