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It’s Time To Sparkle: How To Wear Sequins Effortlessly In Your 50s

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It’s party season and what better way to sparkle than with a splash of sequins? Whether you like them or not they can make a stylish statement no matter what your age or dress code.

Sequin outfits are an essential wardrobe item as we approach party season that is guaranteed to get you noticed on the dance floor. This Christmas, we can expect to see many dazzling sparkly dresses, tops and accessories, just like we’ve seen on fashion runways recently, from Valentino, Oscar de la Renta and more. In the last three months, Google searches for ‘sequin dress’ have increased 185% in the UK, while searches for ‘sparkly dress’ have increased 300%.

But still, many midlife women shy away from the idea of wearing sequins in fear they’d be too much, but when done properly, you can dress them up or dress down and achieve the look and style you were going for.

All you have to do is balance out the glitz and glamour of your sequins by teaming them with contrasting textures such as cosy knits, crisp denim, or lightweight cotton for a more ‘relaxed’ vibe and you will be surprised how stylish you will look.

How to dress down sequins 

One common misconception about sequinned clothing items is that they are saved exclusively for special occasions and Christmas parties, when in fact, they can be used more subtly to elevate any everyday look. 

The key to wearing sequins, when it’s not an occasion, is simply to match them with your casual items.

Ideally, you want to start simple with a sequin accessory (like a beret, scarf or shoes) or a t-shirt with a sequin embellishment and go from there, but you can also count on several cool combinations to introduce sequins into your wardrobe. And if you want to play safe, opt for black, silver, blush or nude sequin tones that look more sophisticated and can be teamed with anything.

As with most trends, don’t overdo it. Yes, it’s easy to get hypnotized by all that shimmery splendour. But if you have a chic, shiny skirt, say no to the shiny clutch and shiny sandals – explains stylists at Budget Fashionista-. Instead, choose understated classics to surround your shiny pieces. A soft, cashmere-like sweater, for example, would balance nicely with the harshness of a sparkly skirt.”

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Skirts, handbags, and tops are often considered the most versatile sequin pieces. For instance, you can wear your sequined skirt with a sweatshirt and sneakers during day time, but you can also team a cropped jacket with sequins with a pair of boyfriend jeans, a t-shirt and ankle boots for an effortlessly chic outfit.

Here are our winning choices.

  • Team it with denim

Wear a sequin top or jacket with denim jeans, sequin pants with a denim shirt, or throw on a denim jacket over a slinky sequin dress. Complete the look with casual-looking accessories for a street-smart daytime look.

  • Pair it with a t-shirt

A great way to dress down anything is with a t-shirt. With sequin pieces, such as a skirt or a blazer, a solid or graphic t-shirt will help dress it down. You can also wear your t-shirt under a sequin dress to make it more casual.

  • Pair it with knitwear

A great silver sequin jumper will look effortlessly chic paired with a cashmere skirt and woollen coat of the same hue, or vice versa with a sequin skirt and woollen top. Knitwear will instantly soften the eye-catching shine of sequins and add a grown-up element to the outfit.

  • Don’t forget the leather

To add a modern, cool vibe, think leather. A leather jacket can not only toughen up the look to add a cool edge to it but it may also dress down that sequin dress 

  • Don’t overdo it with accessories

The sequins are the bling for your look, so choose something a little more understated. Keep your jewellery simple when you are styling a look to be more casual. Small hoop earrings or studs or an understated bracelet are perfect.

Above all, don’t save the sparkle for only after hours. Wear your sequin outfit with confidence. This rule applies to almost anything you put on your body but especially with sequins – you have to own it!

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