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“Like a Virgin” In Your 60s

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Thirty-five years after “Like a Virgin” and her career-making inaugural MTV Video Music Awards performance, the 60-year-old queen of pop Madonna is still rocking but, guess what? Her latest single ‘Medellin‘ (featuring the Colombian superstar Maluma) has been banned in from BBC Radio 1, an English network. It is believed station bosses think the rockstar is too old for their audience.

We’ve made so many advances in other areas, such as civil rights and gay rights – she said – but ageism is still an area that’s taboo and not talked about and dealt with.

Age discrimination is a sensitive and real issue in our society and in the music business, artists often find it difficult to get a record deal after age 25, and after that big break, it’s even difficult for the established artist to sustain a career into their later years.

A spokesman for Radio 1 told The Sun’s, Simon Boyle: “We made the decision based on what the audience expects to hear, with no other criteria taken into consideration.” It’s not the first time, by the way. They also banned the star’s music the last time she made a come back in 2015.

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Artist’s age should be never a problem and on more than one occasion, Madonna said that “people are going to shut up” ageism soon.

Why should only men be allowed to be adventurous, sexual, curious, and get to have all the fun until the day they leave this earth? – she asked – What I am going through now is ageism, with people putting me down or giving me a hard time because I date younger men or do things that are considered to be only the domain of younger women. Ten to 20 years from now, it’s going to be normal.

And if Madonna believes so, who am I to disagree? Well said Maddy, but you should play with your charm and strong personality more than with sexy underwear or makeup to draw everyone around you. When you are 50s or 60s you should have already learned the lesson: sex appeal is about more than just the way you look. 

Medellin is the first single taken from Madonna’s upcoming album, Madame X, which will be released on 14 June.




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