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Sophia Loren: Style Inspirations From A Curvy Diva

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Having an hourglass figure and a large bust has always been a sought-after body type, well before the Kardashians. Amongst internationally acclaimed divas, there is one in particular that has embodied the perfect curvy icon and that can still teach us a thing or two: Sophia Loren.

Italy’s most recognizable movie star has always been very proud of her body and so impeccable with her style that in 1999 she received the CFDA Fashion Award for “a lifetime of glamour.”  Her secret? Using clothes to show off her sexiness and her penchant for beautiful fashion unapologetically, knowing that in the end confidence is the key to success

Any woman can look her best if she feels good in her skin“, she said. “It’s not a question of clothes or makeup. It’s how she sparkles.” 

Sophia’s signature style

Building her own personal signature of fashion around her body with the help of some famous stylists, like Cristóbal Balenciaga, Emilio Schuberth, Valentino and Giorgio Armani, Sophia Loren’s classic look included fitted dresses, elegant jewellery and great accessories.

She pioneered the ‘bombshell’ look with plunging necklines, cinched waists and full skirts, finished with a headscarf, oversized sunglasses, big hair and kohl-lined eyes.

If you are a curvy woman, here are some highlights of her look you can take inspiration from. 

  • The Bodycon dress

It’s a women’s dress that accentuates the body’s curves rather than covering them up, usually made of stretchy fabric that fits over a female’s silhouette seamlessly. Perfect for Loren’s curvy figure, it could work for you too even if you don’t have her same body type.

There are several options available, including different colours and prints. It’s a great option for a drink with friends or a date night. Just make sure that the dress is snug but not too tight, and that it hits you at the right spot. 

Sophia Loren used to pay particular attention to the length of her bodycon dresses, which usually fluctuated between 2-4 centimetres above or below the knee. This length is the ideal solution for those who want to emphasize the elegance of their legs without trying too hard.

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With the right fit, a bodycon dress will hug your curves in all the right ways and make you look like a total bombshell. 

  • Accessories are the key

Sophia Loren has been always madly in love with accessories. She was never one to shy away from bold jewellery, scarves or sunglasses. 

However, big hats have been always her favourites. Most of them come from designer Jean Barthet, who in the ’60s was Paris’ most thriving milliner. It is said each time that Loren visited the milliner, she bought in bulk.

You can treat yourself with a big hat too. These days stylish wide-brimmed hats can be the perfect addition to your resort wear collection or for when you go on a holiday cruise. There’s just something about them: they feel luxurious and a bit mysterious at the same time. 

For a safe bet, however, look for a hat with a brim size that is proportionate to your body. If you’re tall, you’ll likely find that a floppy hat with an oversized brim looks great, whereas if you’re short, you might feel more confident with a slightly shorter brim.

But remember, the most important thing is that you feel great in the hat style that you choose!

Confidence is the fountain of youth

It is said that Sophia Loren has kept her distance from plastic surgery. She has always embraced who she is and credits a balanced diet and daily exercise to remaining fit and healthy.

According to her, the way you embrace ageing is entirely up to you.

I knew perfectly well that my beauty was the result of a lot of irregularities all blended together in one face, my face“, she said. “Whether I won or lost, it was going to be in the original version. Beauty is how you feel and what you feel from inside. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief in herself that she is beautiful.

To the young at heart, ageing is simply a number.

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