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The Importance Of Life Mantras

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Are you stuck in a rut? You don’t know what’s the best choice for you? Would you like to embrace the next chapter of your life but you’re not sure how? Sometimes all we need is a mantra. Yes, these short, empowering phrases and beliefs can help shift our mindsets and guide us towards a more positive and fulfilling life.

A mantra—literally “that which protects the mind”—is a series of Sanskrit syllables that evoke the energy. It can be used as a way to stay focused, motivated, and positive or simply as a propeller towards new exciting adventures out of our comfort zone. Whether you write it down, place it around your home or repeat it daily to yourselves, it can be helpful during challenging times, give you the strength and determination to overcome obstacles and maybe start the new year ahead with positive intentions.

They can serve as a reminder to let go of old habits and patterns that no longer serve us and to welcome new opportunities and growth. 

You can create your own life mantras (“I am resilient and can overcome any challenges” or “Progress not perfection“), borrow phrases/quotes from inspiring people that truly resonate with you (“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams” – Oprah Winfrey) or chanting some spiritual ones (“Om Mani Padme Hum” which translates to “Hail to the jewel in the lotus” – Buddha).

I’ve recently come across an interesting one I’d like to share with you: “Do it for the plot“. In essence, a new variation on the “You only live once”. This can be applied to all aspects of your life; saying yes to a last-minute holiday with your friends; going to the dinner you don’t really want to go to; cutting your hair off into the style you’ve been feeling scared to try out.

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This popular mantra, currently buzzing on social media, teaches us that instead of saying “no” to new things because of fear of novelties, we should keep moving because “doing something” is better than “doing nothing“. In the end, if we ever add new mistakes to our journeys this only means we are still alive, happy to put ourselves to the test, adding new pages to our life diaries. So, let’s do it for the plot, let’s do it for the sake of writing a new exciting chapter of our life.

How often do we miss an opportunity because we don’t feel it’s the right time or the right chance? Well, this year whether I will have my make-up on or not, feel fully prepared or not, I will “Do it for the plot“. I will do it to change the usual internal censoring midlife narrative that prevents us from achieving new heights because of feeling “too old, invisible and done“.

What will be your mantra of the year?

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