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Why Grown Ups Should Keep Writing To Santa

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Guess what? Christmas season is back and even though age and wisdom have helped midlife women to come to terms with the idea that Santa won’t be able to fix all of our problems, the idea of keeping writing to him is not so bad. Why? Because it’s a way for us to stay connected with our inner child and our creativity, a chance to exercise hope and gratitude on paper.

I’m not saying we have to write down our grown-ups’ wish lists. This is our chance to review the current year,  the good things that have happened, the challenges we have taken, and our progress and growth. What are we grateful for? What have we learned? Any goals accomplished? And what are we hoping for in the future? Often, writing down our goals helps us to achieve them.

Writing a letter to Santa Claus is a way to have a bit of fun and rediscover our lost creativity. By allowing ourselves to believe in Santa again we can get into a more open-minded, creative state and, hopefully, see things from a different perspective.

Sometimes, writing down our thoughts is a surefire way to realise, all of a sudden, that we have much to be thankful for. Incredible neighbours, fun-loving friends, a cosy place where to live, cookies and wines. But also a new project to cherish, a new pet to foster, and a new scarf to keep us warm during wintertime.

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Maybe, what we need to ask Santa is peace of mind, confidence in our possibilities, and courage to speak up and be our authentic selves.

If like me, you have decided this is the right time to check in again with dear ole Santa, then don’t be shy. Remember, you can ask him whatever you want, but please, write down your thoughts with a pen. Santa is an old-fashioned guy and handwriting is often a forgotten pleasure that still has the power to boost our memory and mood.

According to experts, the act of putting pen to paper and participating actively in this exercise compounds the benefits for the same reason letters are so special to their recipients. There’s a visceral sense of reaching out and making contact with your inner self and your loved one in a way that isn’t accessible via digital mediums. And I’m sure, Santa would appreciate it much more.

What if you haven’t behaved this year? Well, you can always improve yourself in 2023. But this time don’t break the promise!

PS.  By the way, Santa, can I have a fully automated laundry that can walk from a child’s body to the laundry basket to the washer and dryer, fold itself and appear back in a drawer? Thanks!

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