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Why You Really Need A Classic Watch In Your 50s

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What’s the time? It’s a question often asked to each other and the response nowadays is a quick look at your mobile phone, then the answer. It seems the days are gone whereby you would stop lift up your arm and look at your wrist revealing your watch and then giving out the time.

In today’s highly digitalised age, modern watches are hi-tech and multitasking: they have items which not only tell the time but also are linked to your mobile, pc and can issues commands to your home from them, but, wouldn’t it be nice to wear a classic watch which just gave you the time and date only?

It could be seen as a sign of individuality, too. As the world is slowly starting to open up again, we’ll start to dress differently as we’ll be going out and be seen by others so, just as you would choose the correct outfit, shoes and bag, why not complement the look with a lovely timepiece? Yes, we’ve all seen the adverts for certain brands for which you’d have to re-mortgage your house but it doesn’t have to be like that: there are several very smart looking practical watches which are perfectly within budget and these days you can get a good one for less than £250 that tick both the style and quality boxes.

How to choose a watch

According to Harpers Bazaar, finding the right watch is a bit like finding a husband. Pick a great one and you’ll keep it forever; pick the wrong one and you’ll be dying to get rid of it after a year or two. Ana Maria Pimentel, accessories director at Neiman Marcus, took it a step further: She started her marriage with a watch. “Instead of an engagement ring, I got engaged with a 1954 Rolex Oyster,” she says.

Shopping for a new watch can be an overwhelming affair if you don’t know what you are looking for. There are many factors you have to consider when buying your watch from price, use, brand, style, size and weight. It is also important before you start shopping to understand the different types of watch movements and materials because these are factors that will influence prices. Watches with quartz movements (that require a battery) are generally less expensive than mechanical watches with self-winding or manual-winding functions.  Similarly, watches made of stainless steel are often more affordable than lighter-weight titanium or carbon fibre and than the more noble metal.

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Timeless watches

Just take a look at these 6 brand suggestions from Crunchy Tales for some interesting timepieces which will most likely still be on your wrist long after you’ve had several mobile upgrades.

  1. Mondaine: These are minimalist watches from the Swiss company. They have a distinctive clear look, inspired by Swiss design principles. The brand offers both functionality and elegance, plus these modern-looking women’s watches are available in stainless steel, with leather and even vegan straps.
  2. Swatch: What can we say about this brand that hasn’t been said already! They produce fabulous timepieces for almost any occasion and won’t break the bank. Highly collectable usable and reliable. This brand is able to reinvent itself year after year with huge success.
  3. Casio: If you’ve never owned a Casio then now is the time to change that. You may have had one when you were at school or college. Have you forgotten their versatility and fun? A great selection here for sport and everyday use.
  4. Timex: This well-priced and reliable American brand has now become cool again, by paying particular attention to its designs, details and colour. They’ve managed to look forward to the future whilst still tipping their cap to their history.
  5. Tag Heuer: This brand oozes femininity, strength and boldness. Quality materials are used throughout and can be felt the moment you place your watch on your wrist. A timeless selection which will make you happy to tell the time to anyone.
  6. Breitling: Here we have a tried and tested design which has proved a great success. This all-purpose watch will make you feel at home on the beach or the red carpet and has an unusual appeal that is very difficult to recreate.

Of course, we have to finally give a mention to Rolex but we’ve not gone into much detail here as we’re sure all our Crunchy Talers will be well aware of their significance in watchmaking history.

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