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The Best Video Games From The 80s To Rediscover This Summer | CrunchyTales

The Best Video Games from the 80s to Rediscover This Summer

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Let’s face it, life after 50 can sometimes feel like a side-scrolling platformer: repetitive, with occasional pits of frustration. But lately, I’ve discovered a surprising source of energy and joy – a blast from the past: 80’s arcade games.

If you’re a Gen X woman, I’m sure you still remember the thrill of flashing lights, the sounds of games, the competition with friends. Remember the days of pixelated heroes and chiptunes blasting from speakers?

Yeah, games like Pac-Man, a frenetic chase where you gobble dots while dodging ghosts, were more than just entertainment. They were a mental workout, demanding quick thinking and strategy. Dodging falling bombs in Tetris or navigating the vibrant maze of Donkey Kong (did you know that our fearless plumber, Mario Bros, made his debut here, rescuing Pauline from the clutches of the grumpy ape?) tested my reflexes and kept my mind sharp.

The 80s arcade games weren’t story-driven epics. They were pure, unadulterated gameplay.

But it wasn’t just the mental challenge. Arcades were social hubs. We’d gather around cabinets, cheering each other on, high-fiving over record scores. Now, with the hustle and bustle of raising a family behind me, those social connections feel precious.

Thankfully, the resurgence of retro gaming has brought friends (now gray videogamers), and these classics back in a big way.

Why retro-video games can be a great mood booster

Let me be clear: I’m not advocating for us to abandon the wonders of the modern world. But there’s something undeniably special about revisiting the iconic games of the 80s.

Here’s why dusting off those old cartridges (or downloading some ROMs) might be the key to a surprisingly delightful adventure: they not only keep your mind sharp (they’re a mental workout disguised as pure entertainment!) but also represent a shared experience with friends and family.

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Remember spending hours huddled around the TV with your classmates, taking turns on a game like Pole Position or battling it out in a classic like Space Invaders? Those moments of shared joy transcend generations. Why not relive them with your kids or grandkids? They might be surprised at your skills (or lack thereof, but that’s all part of the fun)!

What I like the most about retro video games from the 80s is that they are a source of pure, uncomplicated entertainment. Unlike today’s open-world behemoths that require dozens of hours to complete, the beauty of 80s games lies in their simplicity, clear goals and quick wins. You can pick them up, play a level or two, and feel a sense of accomplishment, all in under an hour. Perfect for a quick mental break!

Where to find video games from the 80s

These days you can find retro video game collections for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, or mobile apps for iOS and Android. Some companies also offer miniature versions of classic consoles pre-loaded with a library of built-in games. Alternatively, you can even find several websites offering the possibility of playing with retro-games for free.

If you still have your old console and cartridges, well, congratulations! You’re all set. Just blow off the dust from your joystick, check out if everything is still working and get ready for a blast from the past. Which one will you try first?

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