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Party Dress: The Best Options For A Sustainable Christmas 

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Celebrations have taken a whole new shape over the last year and a half. However, even though the lockdown had affected our shopping habits and many of us would prefer avoiding overconsumption and buying less, nothing screams –Christmas party– like a beautiful dress. All we have to do is think about fashion in a more sustainable way.

Dig into your closet

We all know the feeling of having ‘nothing to wear’ – despite barely being able to close your own wardrobe because of the sheer volume of items. So. maybe this year it’s more about rediscovery and adding some new touches, rather than buying a whole new outfit unless you decide to rent out your frock or buy a pre-loved one.

Whatever you choose, there are always a few things to consider when searching for the right dress to take you through the holiday season and beyond: the formality of the occasion, your skin tone and body shape, the versatility and cost of the item (two important factors especially if you are on a tight budget).

In general, dressing in sequins and bright colours is perfectly acceptable during the festive season, so go for the dazzling designs that you may not have opted for throughout the year but secretly lusted over. In the end, it’s all about finding the perfect balance and the right accessories.

According to Vogue Editor, Julia Hobbs: “Party dresses are in a different league from all other clothes. They are survivors – veterans of broken hearts and talismans for new romances. Never leave them languishing after just one wear. Like that one song you love and will always sprint to dance to, a great party dress deserves to be replayed.

In case you don’t have a good one with you, try to mix and match the items you already have in your wardrobe by tempering for example maxi lengths with backless details and side slits, opt for sheer sleeves to showcase a little skin, think cosy knit sweaters with taffeta skirts or a sequined top with wide-leg trousers.

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Above all, if you need to buy something new, invest in the right accessories. A new pair of shoes (think of classic styles like pumps or elegant flats), a simple headband or a sparkly new bag can make you feel like you’re hitting all the current trends, without buying new clothes and can go a long way in making a slightly tired outfit feel fresh. Sometimes a wide belt at the waist and a suit black jacket over to a simple cocktail dress can create a whole new outfit. A colourful brooch can also add a splash of colour to make your dress more interesting, whilst statement earrings set the festive tone.

…Or fall in love with a sustainable garment

Organising clothes swaps with friends, shopping in vintage or charity shops are two more sustainable solutions to your style dilemma. But there is now also another option – rental.

While hiring tuxedos and fancy dress costumes is quite the norm, specialist rental companies are now offering everyday and designer partywear that will keep your wardrobe fresh without adding to the ever-growing pressure on our planet’s resources (and without the designer price tag – win-win). For instance, HURR Concept Store in England or JoinWardrobe in the USA offer you the opportunity to browse thousands of designer and vintage items or second-hand gems, then to rent outfits for one night only or for your Christmas parties.

When hunting for the right party dress, look for silhouettes that hit the waistline (that trick would make you look slimmer) and choose a frock with a V neck because it creates a taller, leaner look and draws the eye upward. Also, don’t forget that solid colours will create a streamlined, lean look. Love a good pattern? Add a beautiful scarf around your neck which draws the eye up to your beautiful face. It’s time to be merry!

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